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Acision and Soli Partner to Transform Mobile Marketing

Acision UK Ltd (PR Newswire) - 06 March 2012

Acision and Soli Partner to Transform Mobile Marketing

READING, England/PRNewswire/ -- 


Visionary new platform extends traditional messaging to directly connect brands, carriers and mobile consumers - changing the mobile marketing ecosystem and 

uniting the world 

Acision, the global leader in mobile messaging, and Soli, the world's trusted mobile marketing channel, today announced a partnership to create an innovative, new media model that offers global corporations the broadest reach to consumers through messaging. Working together, Acision and Soli will transform the mobile marketing ecosystem by driving new standards which directly connect mobile carriers, brands and consumers. 

Currently, mobile messaging is a key global platform for content consumption and consumer engagement. However, brands currently face challenges to effectively harness the potential of mobile as a direct-to-consumer communications enabler. This includes complex IT solutions, lack of technical know-how, misaligned business expectations, global fragmentation and a lack of standards and trust. Based on experience working with the carriers and brands, Acision and Soli now solve these issues by connecting the brand directly to the operator, omitting the need for other 3rd party aggregators and reliably delivering secure messages to consumers. 

"Building on our expertise in delivering carrier-grade messaging to operators across the world, this new partnership with Soli will unite the traditional telecoms community of carriers with global brands, enabling them to take advantage of the clear potential in mobile," said Jorgen Nilsson, Chief Executive at Acision. "Text messaging remains the most ubiquitous and highest revenue-generating service today and this partnership will stimulate the evolution of messaging as a whole, by guaranteeing the quick delivery and roll-out of messaging campaigns to consumers, and creating competitive advantage for all parties involved." 

By uniting operators and brands, both parties can now work together to roll-out new marketing services faster and provide more rewarding end-user experiences. For the first time, enterprises will have greater control and transparency over audience reach and the success of campaigns through standardisation of the delivery process and structure, increased global coverage and more sophisticated intelligence and reporting. Carriers will benefit from increased messaging traffic and greater transparency of the campaigns going over their network. 

"Brands understand that their next billion consumers are living on their mobile phones and that they need a protected channel to engage their audience in conversation," added Mark Kaplan, founder and CEO of Soli. "The Acision partnership will enable Soli to have that direct line to consumers, as well as enable local businesses to establish meaningful loyalty programs for the first time. Because of this partnership, mobile marketing can now deliver on its promise." 

Examples of the new service delivery models include integrated mobile couponing, SMS rewards, and promotions. The new offering provides global enterprises with the audience and platform needed to reach the next billion consumers, local businesses the tools and education to build loyalty in their community, and consumers with a direct connection to the brands and businesses they trust, on their terms. Local businesses, for example, can leverage sponsor offers or create their own loyalty programs, while consumers can opt into channels and connect with the brands they love without concerns about their data being shared with unknown third parties. The platform, which has trade association backing, provides an explicit opt-in/opt-out approach to campaigns from point of origination to termination, while maintaining the integrity of the consumer data. 

Steven van Zanen, SVP Strategy and Marketing at Acision, concluded: "In the same way that Acision pioneered mobile messaging, working with Soli, we are once again at the forefront in driving the next phase of messaging to ensure its ongoing longevity and to help all players in the mobile marketing ecosystem to effectively capitalise on its enormous potential." 


About Acision 

As the pioneer of mobile messaging, Acision enables customers worldwide to drive new revenues with innovative services while monetising data traffic. For more information, visit Acision at 

About SOLI 

Soli is the world's trusted messaging channel, connecting global enterprises, local businesses and consumers. Soli's private, direct, cost effective solution focused on consumer experience, content engagement and shopper transactions provides an alternative to today's mobile channels. 

With more than 300 carriers in over 140 countries, the Company's private carrier partners reach over 70% of the world's population, making Soli the most accessible direct-to-consumer marketing channel. 

Founded in 2010, Soli is based in New York City with offices in Shanghai, Buenos Aires, and Marseille. 

Source: Acision UK Ltd