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Global Marketing and Communications Vice-Presidents Gather in New York

Useful Social Media (Businesswire) - 14 May 2012

Global Marketing and Communications Vice-Presidents Gather in New York to Discuss Social Media's Impact on Digital Marketing, Their Job Role, and Future Strategy at Corporate Social Media Summit

NEW YORK--()--Over 200 corporate executives will gather in New York on June 13 - 14 to discuss how to incorporate social media into digital marketing - and broader business - strategy.

Social media has had an enormous impact on some of the most fundamental assumptions of business practice. The relationship between a business and their consumers has changed completely - and irrevocably.

The great levelling of the playing field that social media has engendered has led to plenty of corporate opportunity - initially around digital marketing - but also very real risks.

The New York Corporate Social Media Summit is a third time event devoted to investigating these risks and opportunities, and social business more broadly. It's a conference designed exclusively for a corporate audience and brings together leading experts from within business to discuss challenges, opportunities, and best practice.

As business social media's impact has grown, so has the Summit - to the extent that it is now the leading event in this space. This year, corporate vice-presidents from companies like American Express, Diageo, Citi, McDonald's and Gap will share their experiences and insights on social media marketing and more generally, business social media, with an audience hundreds strong.

Some of the key issues to be discussed include reputation preservation and crisis communications, integrating social into core marketing, embedding social media across your organisation, internal governance models, measuring the impact of social engagement and core social media marketing best practice.

Nick Johnson, founder of Useful Social Media, who are organising the event, says

"This is a fantastically interesting - and challenging - time for businesses. Social has changed business in many ways - and those who are prepared stand to benefit from the many opportunities that corporate social media offers them. This conference is designed to help corporate digital marketing, communications, strategy and social media executives to learn from the leaders - those who have real experience of managing - and leveraging - this changing business environment."

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