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Calling all makeup artists, Discover a fantastic franchise opportunity with Beauty Call today

Nathan William (Beauty Call) - 03 July 2012

Calling all makeup artists, Discover a fantastic franchise opportunity with Beauty Call today

The Hair and Makeup industry has become a highly lucrative marketplace over the last four or five decades, evolving and adapting to cope with the constant demand from film and TV producers, theatrical agencies to the bustling bridal market. Professional hair and makeup specialists are worth their weight in gold and Beauty Call are a company that understands this. Currently offering an exceptional chance to become part of their franchise team, giving individuals and businesses the amazing opportunity to develop and operate their own agency, complete with all the guidance and assistance they will possibly need.

Currently looking to widen their network focusing in all areas, particularly major cities including Brighton, Manchester, Southampton, Leeds and Milton Keynes and across several counties that are currently showing high volumes of interest which include Kent, Surrey Essex and more in the South East, Beauty Call are searching for the right calibre of makeup and hair artists to discover the delight and beneficial advantages of joining their highly successful franchise network.

With a solid aim to recruit more freelance artists in selected areas, in addition to educating more individuals on their profitable franchise deals, there is a buzz in the air as Beauty Call reflects their positive encouragement to makeup and hair artists located nationwide. In a recent statement, executives at Beauty Call made clear the following:

"Artists are welcomed to join us on a freelance basis at no cost to them. We spend the time to view and confirm their training, check their CV and references and any portfolio images they have compiled of their past works, before making our decision."

"Once on board it may be that the franchise opportunity is something of interest to them - we present our franchise opportunities in the correct, professional manner as to identify the right calibre of individuals who could most definitely excel as a franchisee partner."

Offering so many different benefits within their franchise solutions, Beauty Call prefer to offer local areas to successful candidates on the basis that they receive enough franchisees. Operations are really moving at the minute and going forwards at a good rate of speed, strengthening the fact that Beauty Call are receiving more and more enquiries as their audience grows ever stronger.

So what can you look forward to when considering a franchise opportunity with Beauty Call? Well to, begin with are the impressive returns you can expect from the growing number of bookings and enquiries that they receive each month. If joining their network as a freelance artist, franchisees currently based across the UK pass on opportunities for jobs as bookings are taken. Redistributed evenly between freelance artists, certain percentages of fees are then paid depending on the price of the booking. For example on jobs under 100, freelance artists can expect to receive 90% and typically between 62% and 75% of enquiries above 100. Confirmed when a booking is offered, percentages do not differ from franchisee to franchisee and are clearly stated on Beauty Call Ltd's website.

Franchisees gain their returns through percentages of booking passed onto the freelance artists. Trials are offered for events such as weddings for the bridal party, including bridesmaids and if booked for the wedding, the trial is free for the bride. Again the franchisee gains a set percentage from trials carried out by one of their freelance operatives. All you need to do to discover more about the terrific chances to become part of the fastest growing network of hair and makeup experts is to fill out the application form for Beauty Call and await a reply from one of the team, it's that simple.

Beauty Call Ltd is one of the UK's leading hair and makeup artist networks providing a range of professional services to clients of all descriptions requiring their professional services. Currently searching for partners to enter into their franchise opportunity, Beauty Call also have a number of placements for freelance artists in locations across the UK.

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