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Revolutionary Free Mobile Conferencing Service Launches in UK

Neutrino Networks Ltd (PR Newswire) - 05 July 2012

Revolutionary Free Mobile Conferencing Service Launches in UK

LONDON/PRNewswire/ -----Neutrino Networks Ltd, a UK registered company based in the City of London and backed by private equity firm Creditas Capital Plc, today formally announced the public launch of its remarkably unique, feature rich and patent pending mobile conferencing service. 

Advertisement, is no ordinary tele-conferencing service: it's both cost and commitment free, avoiding contracts, commitment and all the costs of traditional corporate services, yet also avoids the typically undisclosed high cost of calling 'free' conferencing services on 0844 numbers (costing up to 41p per minute from a mobile). Caller's simply pay their mobile operator's standard charges to dial in to the bridge - which itself operates on a UK mobile number. 

The new service is set to revolutionise conferencing by adding unique features and driving down costs at an important time when conferencing is in demand due to the necessity for firms to cut travel and meeting costs and the desire to cut carbon emissions. 

In an industry first, calls are recorded then transcribed by hand within an ISO-9001 Government Bonded secure facility and streamed with audio textural synchronisation using the firms' patent pending technology - all of which is also completely free, adding around GBP3 per minute of extra business value to each call. 

CEO and ex-licensed mobile operator, Lee Jones, explains: 

"We're very excited because our innovative service is a world first and is a real boost for UK businesses that use conferencing services. 

"Whilst being free: the service includes all the bells and whistles you would expect with a high-end corporate service, including unlimited call recording, desktop sharing/online collaboration. Mobile users can access our service using our free App which works seamlessly across iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smart phones. Non-mobile callers will shortly be able to dial into any conference completely free using the internet! 

"This all runs on our licensed telecommunications network - which we own outright." 

Using this innovative service is also unsurprisingly simple: by sending an SMS to 07924 77 0000 containing nothing but an email address, the user receives an instant and unique PIN for immediate, secure mobile conferencing. It's as simple as that! 



Corporate Video: 



Demo Login [username:, Password: 12345678] 

Source: Neutrino Networks Ltd