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Indoona Goes "Social": Communicate, Socialise and Share

Tiscali (PR Newswire) - 13 August 2012

Indoona Goes "Social": Communicate, Socialise and Share - the new Version of the Tiscali App Enhances the Smartphone Communication Experience

CAGLIARI, Italy/PRNewswire/ ---- Tiscali presents Indoona 2.0, the new version of the application that continues to revolutionise communication for mobile phone users. 


The world of communication evolves very quickly and advances made in this field were possible not just because of progress in technology and software, but also thanks to a capacity to grasp and understand customers' needs and desires, a fundamental factor for staying in this game. 

These are the reasons that caused Tiscali to develop the social aspect of Indoona, the application which lets you call, video call and send multimedia messages via the Internet from smartphones to PCs, saving users money when calling traditional landline and mobile networks and abroad. 

The application automatically recognizes users from their mobile phone numbers. The new version enhances the traditional "one-on-one" communication channel with several new functions, meeting the demand for more sharing capability: not only by sending personal messages, but ones to your whole circle of friends or contacts, sharing your feelings of the time with them via photos, videos and more. In this sense, Indoona is the first app for a TLC operator to integrate personal communication with social networking. 

Thanks to Indoona users can post up to 300 character messages on their walls with photos, videos and much more, also re-sharing their contacts' posts, taking part in #discussions, sending emessages or mentioning other users. The relationship with your smartphone contacts becomes intimate and social, thanks to the possibility of communicating, socialising and sharing. 

Indoona is available for smartphones and Apple and Android tablets, and it can also be accessed from the web at, with the same functions, by simply downloading the client on your PC or Mac. 

This is the first application that integrates and satisfies all today's communication needs, no longer just those strictly personal and private, but also strongly focused on social networking and sharing the sensations of a given moment. 

The new version of Indoona heralds a new era. 

Source: Tiscali