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Social Media Information LLC (SMI) Launches Free Website to Monitor Your Online Presence

Chris Randall (Social Fingerprint) - 17 October 2012

Social Media Information LLC (SMI) Launches Free Website to Monitor Your Online Presence

Pittsburgh, PA ---- Social Media Information LLC (SMI) announces the launch of Social-Fingerprint™, a fully automated free website that allows users to discover and monitor public information about themselves. Interested parties can learn more at


Social-Fingerprint's proprietary technology searches social media sites and the entire internet for targeted information using data submitted by the user and returns that information in an organized and manageable format. Users are alerted when targeted information is found. Social-Fingerprint results include the link to the website, highlighted keywords that triggered the result, and an archived screenshot. Social-Fingerprint users can then choose to either continue to monitor the website or delete it from the list. Changes to your Social-Fingerprint can be emailed immediately, daily, or weekly.

"It isn't enough to just police your own Facebook page. You need to be alerted to all the potentially negative content that others could be posting about you," says SMI co-founder Chris Randall. "Employers today frequently check social media before making hiring decisions. Our tool monitors the web and social media 24/7 so that you can take action if something is inappropriate. Don't lose a job because of it."

Social-Fingerprint captures and archives relevant personal information, allowing you to manage your reputation and improve your online character.

About Social Media Information

Founded in 2011, SMI is an information solutions company. Born from the idea that collecting and organizing Social Media information shouldn't be frustrating, fruitless or labor-intensive, we've created automated software that manages this process for you. SMI operates and


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