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E-commerce was on the Rise for Christmas Shopping A Survey by CouponSpy

CouponSpy (PR Newswire) - 07 January 2013

E-commerce was on the Rise for Christmas Shopping A Survey by CouponSpy

BANGALORE/PRNewswire/ --

The coupon website took this festive season as an opportunity to find out more about the shopping habits and Christmas preparations of Indian citizens. CouponSpy asked 500 Indian Citizens, mainly through Facebook, over the age of 18 about their shopping habits and Christmas preparations. The survey gives an overview of spending and shopping trends during 2013.



Key findings:

  • 70% of Indian people shopped online for their Christmas gifts.
  • 68% spent more money on Christmas presents than last year.
  • Only 3 out of 10 buyers were women.
  • Most people received clothing or consumer electronics.

Parvati Singh, Founder of CouponSpy, is looking enthusiastically into the future of online shopping: "Our survey shows that 70% of Indian people bought their Christmas presents online. Good pricing and the added convenience of shopping from home are just two of the many reasons that online shopping is on the rise. It is also very interesting to see how we as Indians are able to combine our own traditions with the influence of western society."

Most Indian people bought between 1 and 5 gifts for Christmas. Online shopping is especially popular amongst men, as about 2/3 of men shopped online for their Christmas presents compared to only 1/3 of women. The majority of people used their PC's for the process but with 35% of all shoppers using mobile devices, such as Smartphones and Tablets, it would appear that many prefer the convenience of shopping on the go. The most popular online stores are Flipkart, SnapDeal and eBay, with Flipkart being equally favored by men and women.

Clothing seemed to be the favourite amongst gift buyers as 65% of all shoppers bought clothing, shoes or accessories, while consumer electronics such as Smartphones, TV's and computers came a close second with 58%. Games and Consoles were, surprisingly, at the end of the list with only 11% of Christmas shoppers having spent in this category.

Taking a closer look at the difference between male and female shopping habits, there are a few interesting findings. For example, only 11% of women did not buy any presents at all while every fifth man skipped festive shopping. On an average, Indian people spent Rs 5,500 on their partner's gift, but there is a subtle difference between the sexes. Namely, men were willing to spend an average of Rs 7,500 on their partner, while women only spent Rs 4000. In general, men were more generous than their female counterparts. About 20% of male shoppers spent more than Rs 10,000 on presents compared to only 11% women. When asked how difficult it is to pick a present for their spouse, men find it much easier to make the right pick.

Only 60% of Muslims buy Christmas presents, while 85% of Hindus do, along with almost all Christians. Most Christians purchase gifts for their family members, while Indian people from other religions bought mostly for friends.

The complete and detailed findings of this survey are available here. Furthermore, there is an Infographic.

About CouponSpy:

CouponSpy was founded in 2012 by Parvati Singh, an e-commerce enthusiast and entrepreneur. Since going live, CouponSpy has become one of the biggest coupon and deal websites in India and has garnered an avid following of regular users who keep coming back to the portal as they have the biggest database of coupons and deals for hundreds of online stores.



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