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Audrain County Uses Everbridge to Locate Missing 8-Year-Old Girl

Everbridge (Businesswire) - 12 February 2013

Audrain County Uses Everbridge to Locate Missing 8-Year-Old Girl

GLENDALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The City of Mexico in Audrain County, Missouri recently used its Everbridge solution to locate a missing 8 year old girl. Everbridge, the leading provider of interactive communication and mass notification solutions, is used by Audrain County to manage critical communications. Though primarily used for emergency notification around criminal activities and severe weather, counties like Audrain are increasingly utilizing emergency notification systems to help locate missing persons or assist with police-lead searches. This is the first utilization of the Everbridge system to find a missing person in Audrain County.

“Mexicoans should always be mindful when an alert is issued.”

The City of Mexico Public Safety Department received the initial report of the missing child at 3:34 p.m. To assist in the search, they immediately issued an Everbridge alert that contained identifying information for the child over a variety of contact paths including landline and mobile phones, SMS and email to citizens of the county. In less than an hour, a neighbor who had been notified about the missing child from the emergency broadcast, was able to help officers locate the girl unharmed.

"She apparently just wandered off playing, and didn't let her grandmother know where she was going," said Susan Rockett, Mexico public safety department chief. This case, the chief noted, shows that the notification system does work, and that "Mexicoans should always be mindful when an alert is issued." Rockett added, "Swift action and a broad network of watchful citizens lead to successful resolutions."

Everbridge was originally implemented in Audrain County in 2012 to provide emergency notification to all citizens using public directory phone listings and personal contact information gathered in its citizen opt in portal. The Everbridge platform enhances the county’s emergency preparedness and response plans, allowing them to communicate immediately with the public during time-sensitive situations such as a search for a missing person.

“It is absolutely critical that a mass communications platform perform as quickly and efficiently as expected during emergencies such as the missing child case in Audrain County,” said Imad Mouline, chief strategy officer, Everbridge. “Using Everbridge for critical communication can dramatically speed the resolution of cases, helping emergency personnel mitigate the risk and cost of lengthy searches.”

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