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VideoHub Launches New Quality Score for Video Advertising

Tremor Video, Inc. (Marketwire) - 25 February 2013

VideoHub Launches New Quality Score for Video Advertising

Patent-Pending eQ™ Score Provides a Baseline for Marketers and Publishers Wanting to Assess the Value of Video Advertising

PHOENIX, AZ and NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire) - VideoHub, the enterprise division of Tremor Video, Inc., today is launching a new quality score for video advertising during the Interactive Advertising Bureau Annual Leadership Meeting. The IAB ALM is taking place from February 24 to February 26 at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix.

VideoHub's eQ score is a patent-pending formula to determine the potential of every impression in a video ad campaign to grab and keep people's attention. eQ is the first scoring method of its kind for video ad placements. No other measurement tool on the market for video advertising weighs the three criteria that eQ score does: viewability throughout an ad's duration, player size, and ad completion rate. eQ score provides a baseline for agencies and publishers to assess quality versus cost.

eQ score is the latest innovation in the VideoHub platform, which uses proprietary technology to analyze multiple variables that explain advertising effectiveness in the context of how, when, where, and most importantly, why people engage with video ad campaigns.

"Our clients came to us and said, 'We value the depth of the analytics you're providing, but give us a way to clearly measure or score the value of our campaigns,'" said VideoHub General Manager Anthony Risicato. "eQ score is just that. It's a single score that facilitates the essential marketing decisions on every campaign. Our patent-pending mathematical model and proprietary technology make this possible. Now you can know the 'true' value and effective quality of your campaign."

Who Benefits from eQ Score and How

eQ score is available immediately to customers of the VideoHub platform.

It enables brands and media agencies to compare the value of video ads on a level playing field across all channels (ad networks, publisher sites, ad exchanges, etc.). eQ also assesses how far marketers' dollars go with each media buy, and provides the "true" cost of the media (eQ CPM) vs. the actual CPM.

For more information, see our video featuring Anthony

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VideoHub was established in 2011 by Tremor Video, Inc. to fill an unmet need among brand marketers, media agencies, and publishers for a simple way to buy, measure, verify, and analyze the effectiveness of video advertising campaigns. VideoHub is the first video ad platform to have integrated Nielsen's Online Campaign Ratings, which provide demographic ratings for online ad campaigns. Going one step further, VideoHub uses proprietary technology to analyze multiple variables that explain ad reach in the context of how, when, where, and why people engage with a video ad campaign. Its robust, flexible platform simplifies operations, provides actionable insights, and eliminates the need for multiple third-party products. Brand marketers, media agencies, and publishers around the world are integrating the platform into their own operations to gain true transparency into their video advertising. VideoHub was named the Festival of Media's "MAP Hot Company of the Year 2012." For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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