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Big Fish's "Match-Up!" Brings the First Real-Time, Multiplayer Tournament Competition to Mobile Social Play

Big Fish (PR Newswire) - 01 March 2013

Big Fish's "Match-Up!" Brings the First Real-Time, Multiplayer Tournament Competition to Mobile Social Play

Big Fish Partners with Seattle-Based Jawfish Games on "Match-Up!" Development

SEATTLE/PRNewswire/ -- Big Fish, the world's largest producer of casual games, today announced "Match-Up! by Big Fish," the first real-time tournament game platform built for casual game mechanics on mobile devices.  Developed in partnership with Jawfish Games, "Match-Up!" will change mobile social play from turn-based experiences into fast-paced synchronous bracketed tournaments of up to 16 players.

"Most mobile players are familiar with games like 'Word With Friends' or 'Draw Something.'  The main reason these types of games are abandoned is due to the lag time in waiting for a friend to return play," said Christopher Williams, Vice President and GM of Big Fish Free-to-Play. "'Match-Up! by Big Fish' solves that frustrating wait by offering mobile gamers live multiplayer matchups any time with a variety of popular casual games to chose among."

The groundbreaking real-time, multiplayer tournament technology serving the "Match-Up!" game platform is what makes this game stand out.  The servers can handle hundreds of thousands of simultaneous players in fast-paced, exciting real-time tournaments.

"'Match-Up! by Big Fish' is an awesome game that shows how incredibly fun and engaging real-time tournament play can be," said Phil Gordon, founder of Jawfish Games and world-renown poker player. "Building a scalable, lightweight synchronous tournament engine is an insanely challenging engineering problem and we're the first to crack it."

"Match-Up! by Big Fish" will be available in March 2013. Supported mobile platforms and included games will be announced at launch.

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Founded in 2002, Big Fish is the world's largest producer of casual games; dedicated to bringing engaging entertainment to everyone, anywhere, on any device. Through its proprietary, data-driven platform, millions of consumers seeking engaging entertainment easily discover and play PC and mobile games created by Big Fish's network of more than 600 development partners and its in-house Big Fish Studios.  The company has distributed more than 2 billion games from a growing catalog of 3,000+ unique PC games and 300+ unique mobile games, and offers cross-platform streaming games via the proprietary universal cloud gaming service, Big Fish Unlimited.  Big Fish's games are played in more than 150 countries on a wide variety of devices across 10 languages.  The company is headquartered in Seattle, WA, with regional offices in Oakland, CA; Cork, Ireland; Vancouver, Canada; and Luxembourg.