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Elemental supports first Russian social media event SNCE

Elemental Communications (Elemental Communications) - 10 April 2013

Elemental supports first Russian social media event SNCE


Communications consultancy Elemental supports Social Networking Congress & Expo (SNCE); the first dedicated social media event for the Russian Federation

London, UK ---- Communications consultancy Elemental, is supporting Social Networking Congress & Expo (SNCE), referred to as the first dedicated Russian social media conference which starts tomorrow.

The UK-based comms and marketing firm established in 2001, creator of social news and information site the Social Media Portal (SMP) it launched in 2007 is a co-SNCE supporter.  Both resources are showing support in demonstrating how digital and social media interests are developing within Russian and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) market regions.

Both Elemental and SMP have been SNCE media partners for a number of months helping Russia's first exhibition and conference reach a global audience.  The event to be held tomorrow, from 11-12 April 2013, is an opportunity for digital and social marketing specialists, investors, owners of social media platforms and social media software developers to come together to discuss the opportunities in.  

Tim Gibbon, cofounder and editor at SMP explains, “Elemental has been delivering global digital marketing and social media campaigns since its inception in 2001 and has always benefited from knowing how sectors develop.  We are supporting SNCE to extend our learning further for this region and share with our global audience how CIS and Russian markets are continuing to embrace digital and social media platforms.”

“We’re looking forward to what transpires with visiting and local digital and social media players at SNCE and in particular what will have an impact upon this region over next six to 18-months,” concludes Gibbon.

SNCE will be in the Russian Federation, Moscow at ARTPLAY, Central Hall, 10 Nizhnyaya, Syromyatnicheskaya str., 105120.
Keep up-to-date at what is happening at SCNE tap into whats happening on Facebook and Twitter account @SNCE2013 and Twitter hash tag # SNCE (yes these Russians are using a space in their hash tags).

Read more about SNCE at the SMP event page or at


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Read the Elemental SNCE blog post here.


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