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China's Google, Baidu, for the First Time in Europe for an Exceptional Masterclass Organized by China Connect IntheCity in Paris

China Connect (PR Newswire) - 30 May 2013


China's Google, Baidu, for the First Time in Europe for an Exceptional Masterclass Organized by China Connect IntheCity in Paris

PARIS, FRANCE/PRNewswire/ --

Exceptional Masterclass

Ranked 4th in the latest released «BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2013 Report», and first worldwide search engine in the Chinese language, Baidu ( is an essential platform for any player aiming at reaching Chinese netizens (env. 600M) and mobile users (env.420M). The search market is evolving, with newcomer Qihoo, which has conquered a +10% market share since August 2012. 

As China becomes an ever more strategic growth zone for many Western companies, it's mandatory to further decipher its proprietary digital ecosystem (blocked occidental players with the Great Fire Wall), and first entry door : online search.

A unique «   Inside Baidu » opportunity   to discover its complete range of products, including latest aquisitions in video and mobile ambitions, the best strategies to help brands conquer 1.3 billion consumers, audience analysis updates, the Chinese Giant's vision of the Internet, innovation and international expansion plans.

With: Kaiser Kuo, Director of International Communications Baidu - Michael Chen, General Manager of Key Accounts, National Channels and Regional Sales Baidu - Vanessa Liu, General Manager, Search Engine Marketing Baidu - Cui YUHONG, Senior Director of Union Business Baidu - Johnny Zhu, General Manager CharmClick - Arnaud Rofidal, Ceo Altima asia - Stanislas de Nervo, Managing Director and Co-Founder Datawords - Laure de Carayon, founder China Connect

Programme and Speakers

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Where: La Maison de la Chine, 76, rue Bonaparte - 75 006 Paris




Hashtag : #ChinaConnect

China Connect Presentation

Laure de Carayon is the founder of China Connect, the European conference on Marketing, Digital and Mobile in China. China Connect gathers in Paris China's leading digital players and marketing-communication-media experts, with European HQs of leading companies, in the fields of luxury, cosmetics, fashion, retail, FMCG, automotive, services, media. The 3rd edition was on March 28-29, 2013:

China Connect InTheCity is produced by China Connect. It's a Premium Rendez-Vous aiming at deciphering China's cultural, marketing, communication, creative and media environments, with a Special Guest, or a Workshop with a Major Chinese Digital Player.


*Baidu Presentation

Baidu at-a-glance

- 78% share of search revenue in China (Analysys International)

- 30.5% of all online ad spend in China in 2011

- 6 billion of search queries on a daily basis - more than any other search engine in any other single national market

- 80 million daily active users of its mobile search application

- 5th most visited website worldwide

  • Baidu's name comes from a poem written more than 800 years ago. "...Hundreds and thousands of times, for her I searched in chaos; suddenly, I turned by chance, to where the lights were waning, and there she stood." Baidu's literal meaning is "hundreds of times," and represents a persistent search for the ideal .
  • Founded in January 2000 in Beijing by Robin Li, Baidu is the world's largest Chinese language search engine. China remains one of only four countries in the world to have developed its own core search engine technology, the others being the United States, Russia and South Korea.
  • In addition to its Web search product, Baidu powers some of China ' s most popular community-based products , such as Baidu PostBar; Baidu Knows, the world's largest Chinese-language interactive knowledge-sharing platform; and Baidu Encyclopedia, the world's most extensive Chinese-language, user-editable online encyclopedia. Baidu also offers dozens of search-related products, such as Maps, Music Search, Image Search, Video Search, News Search...
  • Baidu's wide range of mobile products includes Web search, Baidu's full line of vertical searches, Baidu Maps and related location-based services, a powerful mobile browser, an intelligent mobile voice assistant, and many tools especially for mobile developers. Baidu, it's also video with (and the recently acquired videosite PPS), travel search engine

Masterclass Participants Biographies

-Kaiser Kuo is Director of International Communications (international media relations, evangelism, and PR, government relations, and marketing in ex-China markets).

-Michael Chen is General manager of Key Accounts, National Channels and Regional Sales.Michael Chen is general manager of Key Accounts, National Channels and Regional Sales. The major brands in his client pool include P&G, LVMH, Richemont, GM and Volkswagen to name but a few.

-Vanessa LIU is General Manager, Search Engine Marketing at Baidu, she joined in 2007; she has more than ten years of management experience in the fields of Digital and Search Engine Marketing and is one of the pioneers of internet brand advertising research in China She's also Dean of the Baidu Marketing Institute

- Cui YUHONG is Senior Director of Union Business Baidu

- Johnny ZHU is General Manager of CharmClick, the authorized Reseller or Baidu Advertising inEurope. He was formely the head of client service and optimizer of Google China, and online marketing senior director of eBay China

- Arnaud ROFIDAL is CEO of altima° asia, based in Shanghai. He's also Associate Director of altima°, one of the leading french digital agencies specialized in e-commerce

- Stanislas de Nervo is Managing Director and Co-Founder Datawords. After 14 years at L'Oreal (3 inAsia), he joins and co-founds in 2005, Datawords, with offices in Europe and Asia, leader in Digital Multilingual production, which produces digital content in asian languages for numerous European major brands, including PPC campaigns in China

CONTACT: Laure de Carayon: +33(0)6-84-24-45-57,