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Five Tips for Mobile Moms

AVG Technologies (Marketwired) - 07 May 2013

Five Tips for Mobile Moms

Mobile Survey Reveals 68% of Moms Don't Use Child Safety Measures on Mobile Devices

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS and SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwired) - AVG Technologies N.V. (NYSE:AVG), the provider of Internet and mobile security, privacy and optimization to 150 million active users, today announced the results of a survey of Canadian and U.S. mothers that explores mobile device and Internet use with their children. Based on the results, and just in time for Mother's Day, AVG offers moms five tips on how to provide kids a more secure digital and mobile lifestyle.

AVG's survey found that 71% of North American moms frequently share their devices with their children to help keep them occupied, and 41% of moms are educating their kids on mobile threats and scams - such as fake app stores, hijacked wireless networks, virus-infected ads and SMS phishing.

The survey revealed that 68% of mothers do not currently use any child safety measures on their mobile devices. In more than half of the cases of mothers who found inappropriate content on devices their children use, the material was pornographic or sex-related.

"AVG recognizes the vast educational and entertainment value the Internet and mobile devices offer today's kids," said Judith Bitterli, senior vice president. "We support allowing children to create and explore their own digital personas. However we also understand the variety of acute dangers that lurk in cyberspace and want to empower mothers to proactively protect their children's activities the same way they'd protect them crossing the street."

AVG offers moms the following five tips on how to navigate the mobile and online universe with kids:

  1. Relax: you're in the majority: most moms give kids access to their mobile devices.
  2. Educate kids on online/mobile scams and threats.
  3. Control content with onboard software.
  4. Recognize there's more to childhood than cyberspace - and consider limiting the time kids spend online. Currently, only 37% of North American mothers say they are doing so.
  5. Talk to kids on your own terms about sex - and make sure they feel safe coming to you or another adult for perspective should they encounter content they do not understand.

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