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New Social Network Creates Happier Internet Experience (PR Newswire) - 20 June 2013


New Social Network Creates Happier Internet Experience is World's 1st Social Network to Solely Spread Positivity

LOS ANGELES/PRNewswire/ -- In a world where being bombarded with bad news is almost unavoidable, The Happy Channel offers people a breath of fresh, happy air. Announcing the official relaunch of The Happy Channel, the first social network that allows only positive messaging and encourages happiness on a daily basis.

The Happy Channel was born after Spiritual Teacher Lisa Eve had the realization that the world was in need of a giant pick-me-up. It was her mission to create a platform to bring smiles and positivity back to people's lives in a simple, virtual way. The new positive platform encourages people to be excited about life, share happiness, and be inspired by the joy of others.

The Happy Channel is a free, interactive social network that offers connecting capabilities, sharing, and personal profiles. Users can update their status, upload images, add links to videos, invite and add friends, create or join a group, and even create events. The Happy Channel also features an eclectic library of happy music, videos, quotes, photos, and links. While the goal of The Happy Channel is to share happiness with others, the social network does offer privacy settings so individual users can moderate what is private and public on their profiles.

"I wanted to create a fun, free, happy experience online that everyone could count on for positive, feel-good content," says Happy Channel Founder Lisa Eve. "The Happy Channel exists so people can feed good and enjoy life."

Different from other social networks where users can post about anything and everything, The Happy Channel's mission is to provide an experience that is positive, meaningful, and can be spread to others. As for those looking to put a damper on the cheerful vibes with a negative post, The Happy Channel has it covered with a dedicated web team monitoring The Happy Channel at all times. Any negative posts are immediately deleted and a message is sent to the user.

"We are exposed to so much negativity every day," continues Eve. "It's time to acknowledge that we deserve to be happy and it is a state of being that can be achieved more easily than previously realized! That's what The Happy Channel is all about."

For more information, visit and tell us, what makes you happy?