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Yosee: The New Mobile Social Network Coming to France!

Yosee (PR Newswire) - 11 June 2013

Yosee: The New Mobile Social Network Coming to France!

PARIS/PRNewswire/ --

Is Yosee on its way to becoming the trendiest new social networking app?

Social-Local-Mobile (SoLoMo) apps are all the rage these days, thanks to the booming market of smartphones and mobile web.  

Yosee provides the simple answer to the perennial question: Where do all the cool people hang out?

Are you looking for the best restaurants, bars or gyms? Are you one of those people who's been led to a place based on a friend's recommendation, only to realise that it wasn't at all what you were hoping for? How many texts did you send and how many calls did you make to your friends to find out if a particular bar was worth going to? Yosee is the app that will provide the answers you have been waiting for. Simply check the Yosee community's feedback in real time to get an idea of a place from the people who are currently there. Disastrous parties and empty venues are no longer your problem thanks to the real-time feed updated by other Yosee users.

Users can even add comments to their ratings of venues, but without men seeing ladies' comments and vice-versa.

Social + Local + Mobile (SoLoMo): A booming market

Following skyrocketing smartphones sales, it is now the mobile web market's turn to shine, as more than 40 billion applications have been downloaded through the App Store alone.

Thanks to built-in GPS, mobiles are becoming the perfect tools to navigate urban spaces (geolocalisation) while staying connected to your social group. "Mobiles are becoming the global remote control of our opinions and thoughts. Yosee connects us to the web and our friends in real time, following, thus, the footsteps of successful start-ups such as Snapchat or Kik," said Pascal Mercier, Founder & Partner at Global Equities Corporate Finance.




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