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CommunityTask Offers First-of-its-kind Service

CommunityTask (Businesswire) - 16 July 2013

CommunityTask Offers First-of-its-kind Service

A Novel Website to Get a Myriad of Little Jobs Done, Obtain a Little More Cash and Acquire Shares in an Online Business

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A newly emerging online phenomenon promises to take the social media Big Society market by storm. has identified a unique space in the online social commerce market to both reconnect society and deliver a raft of demand-based low cost services in a completely secure and totally anonymous environment using local skills and the undoubted goodwill that exists in every community.

CommunityTask has been developed to Re-establish the True Sense of Neighbourly Spirit in Every Community, counteracting decades of social decline and making full use of modern technology to connect everyone and reverse the current economic decline by getting every local economy working!

CommunityTask is a philanthropic members based service connecting everyone who need something doing with people who have the time, skills and inclination to do them.

A first-of-a-kind service provider, CommunityTask is focused on increasing the net worth of members by offering unlimited numbers of CommunityTask shares to every member.

CommunityTask has plans to become a global provider of demand-based services, targeting an IPO in 5-7 years and to deliver millions of £/$/Ä to members in a share giveaway like no other online business.

To share in this success simply complete the registration process, or use Facebook or Twitter registration. Load those important little jobs that never get done, such as: washing the car, cutting the hedge, cleaning the oven, or stopping a dripping tap. Set a target price, a deadline date and wait for suppliers to bid in a completely anonymous and totally secure environment. Choose a supplier - the nearest, the best reputation, the cheapest - whatever criteria the member prefers. Pay the agreed fee to the secure CommunityTask portal, get the task done and if satisfied release payment, if not then part pay or donít pay at all.

The onus is on the supplier to do a good job to secure the payment and recommendation.

Itís that simple, the member is in control; it makes everyone's life easier and happier, and connects everyone to their community and neighbours.




Jonquil West
07813 214592