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PR Newswire Meets the Experts in India: A Good Content Strategy is Crucial to Achieving Your Goals

PR Newswire (PR Newswire) - 19 September 2013

PR Newswire Meets the Experts in India: A Good Content Strategy is Crucial to Achieving Your Goals

BANGALORE, India/PRNewswire/ --

  • Focus Your Content to Work Towards a Measurable Goal
  • Create Content to Entertain, Educate and Make Customers' Lives Easier

At PR Newswire India's 'Meet the Experts' panel discussion event in Bangalore, high profile PR and media experts revealed how they create successful content and debated the importance of having a clear content strategy. The audience also heard the argument for companies to have separate content teams, headed by a chief content officer.

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Hosted by Gautam Paul, the Group Sales Director of PR Newswire India, the speakers included:

  • Sukanya Ghosh, Global Head of Corporate Communications, Infosys
  • Valerie Pinto, CEO, Perfect Relations
  • Vinay Gupta, Chairman,
  • Nikhil Dey, President (Public Relations), Genesis Burson Marsteller
  • Lisa Ashworth, President PR Newswire EMEA and India

Vinay Gupta stressed the importance of making sure your creative strategy is sophisticated enough to use different kinds of content that can all work towards the same goal. "It's important to make content consumable in different formats for different people, while keeping the message and strategy the same," Gupta said. "Content should always have a goal."

"Content comes after message and strategy," said Sukanya Ghosh, making the point that creating content should always have a point - to serve the message and the strategy. In that respect, "Content can be used internally for corporate messages, as well as for corporate communications and externally to customers and suppliers," responded Gupta.

"If people have not got their content strategy nailed correctly on the promise that they are making to the customer or on the point where they want to take the company, I think it just gets lost," Gupta said, "Content must always deliver a goal," Gupta said.

Content should entertain, engage and educate the audience it is directed towards, and provoke a response from the people who see it.

As Nikhil Dey put it: "Entertain me, educate me or make my life easier."

The panel's opinion was that not enough companies have a content strategy, and that while more people are successfully creating content that audiences enjoy and appreciate, according to Dey "most content which is generated does not have any strategy to it," reducing the reward that companies get for working to create the content in the first place.

The debate was followed by a buffet and drinks which gave the opportunity for PR and media professionals to meet with each other and share stories of success in the region.

The event in Bangalore was inspired by the success of PR Newswire's last panel event held in Mumbai. Further events are planned across EMEA and India.

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