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AMD Announces Two New Keynote Speakers and New Influencer Insights Program for "APU13"

AMD (Marketwired) - 14 October 2013


AMD Announces Two New Keynote Speakers and New Influencer Insights Program for "APU13"

2013 AMD Developer Conference Features Track Sessions Showcasing Heterogeneous Compute Technologies That Will Enhance the Software Ecosystem

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired) - AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced the addition of Dominic Mallinson, vice president, Research & Development, Sony Computer Entertainment America, and Brendan Iribe, CEO, Oculus VR, to the lineup of keynote speakers at AMD Developer Summit (APU13), strengthening an already stellar roster of keynote speakers. The third annual, three-day event will be held in San Jose, Calif., Nov. 11-13, and provides attendees the opportunity to experience and learn the latest advancements, tools, and techniques in the heterogeneous computing ecosystem including Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA), Mantle, OpenCL™, C++AMP, OpenGL, APU, GPU and dense server technology.

"I'm thrilled to be a keynote presenter at the 2013 AMD Developer Summit," said Brendan Iribe, CEO, Oculus VR. "As an industry, we're on the verge of a major leap in consumer computing, driven by intelligent mobile devices, wearable technology and natural human computer interaction. Efficient heterogeneous computing will be instrumental to delivering amazing consumer virtual reality."

AMD previously announced a number of new additions to the APU13 program, including Gaming and Innovation Summits. The AMD Ventures Innovation Summit showcases several disruptive, high growth software portfolio companies from AMD Ventures and the AMD ecosystem, including companies that can transform next generation gaming, multimedia social networking, productivity graphics, platform virtualization, human computer interface, big data and datacenter technologies. These pioneering startups will be showcased in a variety of events including chief executive presentations, CEO networking events, experience hub presentations and demos, and a Venture Capital Panel of investors from GGV Capital, Khosla Ventures, Menlo Ventures.

Similarly, the Gaming Summit will showcase ISV partnerships and the world's top game developers who are delivering the next generation of gaming and game technologies. Johan Andersson, Chief Architect at DICE, will deliver a much anticipated keynote centered onMantle, AMD's ground-breaking new programming interface for game developers. Games enabled with Mantle speak the language of the Graphics Core Next architecture to unlock unprecedented performance and graphics quality.

Additionally, AMD today announced the newly added Influencer Insights program. The program gives conference attendees the opportunity to be part of small groups who will participate in exclusive conversations with industry leaders including Nandini Ramani, VP, Java, of Oracle, Dominic Mallinson, VP, R&D, of Sony, Oscar-winner Gary Demos, Professor Wen-Mei, CTO of MulticoreWare, Shawn Carnahan, CTO of Telestream, and Chien-Ping Lu, Sr. Director of Mediatek. These sessions will provide candid insights and analysis regarding new disruptive technologies that will change the future of computing and end user experiences.

"The APU13 program this year brings an especially strong keynote lineup together with detailed technical sessions, ensuring that summit attendees will engage with industry leaders who are at the epicenter of a new era of heterogeneous computing," said Manju Hegde, corporate vice president, Heterogeneous Solutions at AMD. "The developer summit will facilitate unique conversations and networking with top minds from the developer and computing communities."

AMD is proud to announce several high-level sponsors of the 2013 Developer Summit, APU13:

  • MulticoreWare, Premier Sponsor, is a software solutions company providing tools, packaged libraries, and services to leverage multicore architectures. These solutions are in a range of compute-intensive applications across several CPU, GPU and DSP platforms, such as the AMD APUs, mobile SoCs, as well as discrete SPU and DSP architectures.
  • HP, Premier Sponsor
  • HSA Foundation, HSA Expo Sponsor
  • Silicon Valley Bank, Innovation Summit Sponsor
  • Other APU13 sponsors include: Adobe, PathPartners, Sapphire Technology, and USB-IF

Registration for APU13 is open and tickets can be purchased for $695 for general audience attendees through Nov. 11, 2013 or $345 for a single day. AMD has developed a tracks and session overview that allows attendees to view and plan custom schedules for their own APU13 experience. For more information about APU13 tracks and registration details, visit the APU13 website at

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