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SMP » Press Releases Announces Top Small Business Phone Deals That Will Blow Your Mind (Marketwired) - 17 November 2013 Announces Top Small Business Phone Deals That Will Blow Your Mind

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired) - The proverbial race to the bottom has begun in regards to the falling prices of business phone systems. The business VoIP providers have taken the lead in this race, with lower prices than ever before. With each VoIP provider trying to distinguish itself as the cheapest business phone provider, the real winner, in the end, will be the consumer.

The free market economy is at work in the business VoIP provider industry, and the VoIP experts have been studying it closely. These unprecedented prices have competitors scrambling to compete. The experts at have compiled a list of the most outragous deals and lowest prices that they have ever seen before, and they have now confirmed that prices for a business phone system have never been lower.

1. Vocalocity


The newest frontrunner in the race for the best deal is the business VoIP provider, Vocalocity. Vocalocity is setting the new industry standard for low prices and mind blowing deals. With a monthly cost of $19.99 per month per line and no cost set up, Vocalocity already offers an incredibly cheap service, but that isn't all. It really stepped up to the plate this month with its new jaw dropping offer of one month of no cost service and one free high definition IP phone. Vocalocity has hit a home run with this deal and low monthly price for itshosted PBX solution. Not only is Vocalocity offering these stunningly low prices, it is offering and industry leading business phone solution with top of the line features.

2. Mitel
Fighting to be the most affordable business phone provider, Mitel offers an affordable phone service with a feature rich phone system. For only $17.50 per month, small businesses anywhere can take advantage of Mitel's small business phone solution. It doesn't take a VoIP expert to understand that Mitel offers a cheap business phone solution, but it has made its deal even better. Mitel, perhaps the cheapest phone provider out there, now offers two months of its service at no cost, thanks to its November promotion. Deals like these should be getting small businesses excited.

3. Jive
Jive has finally started to feel the pressure from its competition. Although Jive has lost its previously held number one spot for most affordable business phone provider, Jive is still a competitor. At a price of $19.95 per month, Jive is more than just affordable, it's cheap. Jive's unlimited US calling and inbound toll free at only 3 cents per minute makes its solution affordable for almost any small to medium sized business. The service comes with enterprise features and great support, all for one low price. The VoIP experts at are excited to see what Jive will offer soon in order to keep up with its stiff competition.

This healthy exhibition of price competition is both fun to watch, and beneficial to consumers. Small businesses everywhere are waiting to see what new and mind blowing deals these small business phone provider juggernauts will offer next.


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