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Hashtracking Announces The Launch Of HashTracks™: Shareable, Hashtag Infographics

Hashtracking, Inc. (PR Newswire) - 17 December 2013


Hashtracking Announces The Launch Of HashTracks™: Shareable, Hashtag Infographics

NEW YORK/PRNewswire/ -- A picture is worth a thousand words. Hashtracking, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of HashTracks™, a set of live, interactive Twitter hashtag info-graphics. Each graphic is extremely portable, allowing users to embed the info-graphics in a blog, download for use in a report, or share via social media channels.

From keeping tabs on a brand, to launching a campaign, to trendwatching, HashTracks by Hashtracking provide instant hashtag gratification with gorgeous-at-a-glance statistics and analytics that tell the story and bring data to life.

Developed to make sharing hashtag data a snap, HashTracks generate buzz and encourage conversation around hashtags on multiple social media networks. Dynamic uses include enlivening presentations with HashTracks and embeding live, auto-refreshing HashTracks on websites. HashTracks encourage viral buzz with bite-sized infographics and compelling new charts. It's now easier than ever to share, track and generate conversations around hot Hashtags.

HashTracks' Twitter hashtag infographics graphically display hashtag volume and velocity; top tweets and key influential tweeters for hashtag; other hashtags used coincidentally; platforms being utilized by hashtag Tweeters; buzzwords for any hashtag; popular and most recent tweets; and peak hours for hashtag use.

HashTracks are ideal for brands and agencies who are generating engagement while tracking & reporting on hashtag campaigns; bloggers and reporters covering a news story or trend; conference and event organizers reaching out to attendees; entertainment professionals and fan groups; and anyone who wishes to analyze and/or share the buzz being generated by hashtags.

Available at no extra cost to all Hashtracking subscribers, HashTracks can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In and G+; saved to a Hashtracking user's account library; downloaded as a graphic file to a local system; and embedded on a blog or website where they will continue to generate interest as they update and show data live as time passes. For more information,

CONTACT: Ciaran Blumenfeld, 949-395-8036,

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