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Launching of Singapore Asia International Film Festival

Asia Media and Singapore Asia International Film Festival (SAIFF) (PR Newswire) - 20 December 2013


Launching of Singapore Asia International Film Festival

BEIJING/PRNewswire/ -- During mobile Internet era, Singapore Asia International Film Festival (shortened as "SAIFF") is now ready to be launched. SAIFF is not a traditional film festival, but a festival that integrates mobile operators, entertainment portals, mobile phone brands, APP users, and other major film festivals in Asia. Four major Asian cities will be chosen each year, with one city holding a "SAIFF City Pre-selection of Short Films" in each quarter. At the end of each year, SAIFF Awarding Ceremony will be held in Singapore. The first SAIFF will be held in Singapore in December 2014.

Invested and set up by Asia Media Holdings Pte. Ltd. (shortened as Asia Media), SAIFF has drawn attention from mobile Internet sector, mobile phone manufacturing industry, and investment sector as well.

"Different from traditional film festival, SAIFF, characterized by its brand-new business model and unique advantages, targets mobile terminal market and shall promote the prosperous growth of Asia film in Internet era," said Mr. Chen Weiming, a veteran filmmaker and also the chairman of Asia Media. SAIFF boasts of very distinctive features: its target is not the traditional cinema film market, but mobile Internet terminals; it is not an event on red carpet in traditional film festival, but an online gala of mobile phone users; it focuses not only on film selection and awarding, but also the industrialized operation. Its vision is to become the engine to lead Asia APP film.

Wide use of smart phone makes film industry possible to grow in a new aspect. Asia has become the second largest film market in the world. But the huge growth in the number of APP users and their demand for film content shall change the traditional film market. According to a senior film fund executive, the launching of SAIFF suits such a growth opportunity.

As the pioneer of mobile film in China, Mr. Chen Weiming has successfully organized three editions of "China Mobile Film Festival". Mobile operators and mobile phone brands are very positive about the business model of SAIFF. As a platform to get together quality Asian films and entertainment resources, SAIFF shall excite mobile users for sure during a content-oriented era.

SOURCE Asia Media