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SiteTalk Expands Gaming Platform, Member Loyalty Improves

SiteTalk (PR Newswire) - 18 December 2013

SiteTalk Expands Gaming Platform, Member Loyalty Improves

LONDON, December/PRNewswire/ --

Global Digital Systems PLC (ECM:STC), owner of, one of the world's fastest growing Social Networking Platforms with more than 15,000,000 Members, is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new skilled game called "TradeFight", which allows Members to challenge other players and friends to timed forex "trade fights" for cash.

TradeFight brings "skilled games" and financial trading together in a unique and innovative way by allowing players to challenge each other to contests using live financial data.

The first of its kind, TradeFight offers three different games based on live feeds from the financial markets-Trade Fight, Speed Trade and The Predictor. The popular Trade Fight allows players to challenge one another to a head-to-head contest. Once the challenge is accepted, players have five minutes to trade in a live market with $1,000 virtual cash. The player with the highest remaining balance at the end wins the fight and the stake. The game is a safe and exciting way to play and trade like a real trader.

According to SiteTalk's General Manager Frank Ricketts, "The TradeFight platform is an excellent opportunity for SiteTalk and its Members. Not only is the game on the leading edge of the online gaming industry, it is very unique in that it is fast-paced and requires skill, and yet it can be learned very quickly. And when you're playing, things happen very quickly, because the trading is based on the market movements of just 30 seconds or 5 minutes, depending on the choice of game."

TradeFight was officially launched to SiteTalk Members in December 2013 under the games section of the SiteTalk website. The game is an integral part of Management's ongoing 12-month development plan for, where new services are being added to attract new users, increase time spent and number of pages visited on the website, as well as to decrease the "bounce rate" of the website. In all regards, we have been successful. For example, according to, SiteTalk's daily pageviews per visitor has increased by 43%, time spent on the website has increased by 102% and our bounce rate has decreased by 6%, when comparing the actual 3 month period against the previous 3 month period.

SiteTalk Members can make deposits and play TradeFight games using either Visa, Mastercard or bank wire transfer. Players can also use a demo account to play an unlimited number of TradeFight and SpeedTrade games for free.

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About Global Digital Systems PLC

Global Digital Services PLC trades on the Cyprus Stock Exchange's Emerging Companies Market under the symbol STC. SiteTalk Community Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of GDS pursuant to a transaction that closed on July 30, 2013. Presently, Global Digital Systems PLC's sole asset is SiteTalk Community Inc., a multi-functional and multi-lingual social networking platform that enables members to connect, communicate and create business opportunities.

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