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Need a Mentor? #AskASuit about Business, Startups, Entrepreneurship and Crowdfunding

CrowdIt (PR Newswire) - 06 May 2014

Need a Mentor? #AskASuit about Business, Startups, Entrepreneurship and Crowdfunding


On Monday, May 12 you are invited to ask business professionals about the questions you need answered for your business, startup or crowdfunding project

SPRINGFIELD, Mo/PRNewswire/ -- It's not often one has a chance to revolutionize an industry. The explosion of the crowdfunding world has been a revolution in its own right, completely changing the way we look at business, funding models and the power of a crowd. When we launched CrowdIt, we saw the chance to help people realize their dreams by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by crowdfunding, as well as leave our own unique, indelible mark.

Take a quick look around the multitudes of crowdfunding platforms. Each might have its own niche or focus, but, ultimately, they all offer the same thing, which is a place to raise money for a project, business, nonprofit, what have you. It's a winning system, without a doubt, and it's part of our model as well. But we weren't satisfied with just offering a place for people to raise money for new businesses and projects. We wanted to make sure that those businesses and projects found success beyond the funding stage. We recognized that the number one reason small businesses fail is due to a lack of experience, and who better to bring experience to a new project than an established professional in the business world?

On CrowdIt, we call those experienced professionals "Suits." This network of Dreamers, Believers and Suits creates all kinds of opportunities for collaboration, mentorship and guidance it's an important union of the best things about crowdfunding (the crowd and the funding) and the best things about networking (contacts, resources, mentorship, etc.).

The kicker? We want to share this with you.

On Monday, May 12, at 3 p.m. ET, we will be hosting a Twitter party to provide you with an opportunity to ask all your crowdfunding and business-related questions. All you have to do is post a question with our #AskASuit hashtag and one of our registered Suits and other crowdfunding experts will answer your questions either in real-time or via our question forum. You don't have to be a registered member on our site, but if you sign up, you'll have access to an array of Suits and their areas of expertise.

It's time to take crowdfunding to the next level, and we want you to come along for the ride.

What: CrowdIt-sponsored Twitter party. An opportunity to ask any and all business and crowdfunding questions you might have.

When: Monday, May 12, 3 p.m. ET.

Where: Twitter (you can track the conversations by searching #AskASuit)

How: Type in your question on Twitter with the hashtag #AskASuit, and/or submit via our question forum: (

Why? Why not? It's easy, free and you have access to people who have experience and knowledge in what you need to know!

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