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A Young Tech Start-up is Speaking at the House of Lords to Endorse a Stronger Link Between Businesses and Educational Institutes

Felicitas Media (PR Newswire) - 27 November 2014

Felicitas Media. Left- Nathan Sansby (Director), Right- Jack Barmby (CEO). Felicitas Media. Left- Nathan Sansby (Director), Right- Jack Barmby (CEO).

LONDON/PRNewswire/ --

To an audience including MPs and key personnel from education institutes across the UK, Nathan Sansby, 21, Account Director of Felicitas Media will be speaking at the House of Lords on the evening of the 27th November 2014.  

Nathan will address the house giving his views on the current educational system and how his experiences have helped shaped his vision that businesses and educational institutes need to be more interlinked. Through his role at Felicitas Media Nathan has had first-hand experience of how investing in the education of staff members has had a positive and long lasting effect on the businesses' bottom line.

What is the most important aspect of any business? As a business executive you can put forward a host of different responses to that question but Nathan interestingly answers with, "The most influential capital lies within the people. You must nurture and encourage personal growth; this allows the business to add value as a cohesive, diverse unit. By investing in the education of your staff at every level, I strongly believe that you can make a positive and long lasting effect on the bottom line."

Investing in further education, presumably after your staff members have already finished their education, sounds like it could create value. However, there is a large amount of grey matter surrounding that hypothetical value. Nathan and the team at Felicitas Media are not just proving this value exists, but that it is one of the driving forces behind the phenomenal growth they have experienced over the last 12 months - without taking any seed funding!

With regards to education they have absorbed the following principles:

Education doesn't stop  

Regardless of an individual's educational background, education doesn't stop with a GCSE grade, a BTEC qualification or an honors degree. If you want your people to grow, evolve and become more valuable as individuals and as a team you must invest in further relevant education.

When asked, "How do you ensure the educational experience your staff receive is valuable to both the business and the individual?" Nathan responded, "We don't choose traditional courses; we work closely with the educational institutes to develop a path that is exciting for us to walk down with specific members of staff."

Apprenticeship schemes are made to encourage evolution  

Standard apprenticeships may see no change in pay over a 12 month period which either suggests that the apprentice isn't adding enough value to the business to warrant a pay rise, or the employer is purposely hunting for cheap labour. This shouldn't be the case; if apprentices are willing to really push their potential and add value to a business then businesses need to provide the opportunity for that person to evolve.

Nathan said that within Felicitas Media a huge percentage of determined apprentices more than double their salary within 12 months.

Business and Educational institutes should marry  

The notion that an educational institute's total addressable market ends with 21-25 year-old students, or with research funding schemes is not ambitious enough. A vision needs to be created that is enormously more ambitious; by marrying businesses and educational institutes we can deliver a richer level of human capital to provide phenomenal value to both parties. Educational institutes will have a wider market to explore and thus will be able to create more dynamic and tailored courses. In correlation, businesses will be able to invest in the education of their people to add a specific level of value to their organisation.

When Nathan was asked about his coming speech at the House of Lords he said, "Speaking at the House of Lords is a true honour, and I can only hope that one day the businesses and educational institutes of this nation will develop a bond that enables them to produce a higher level of human capital for the United Kingdom. Education never stops in the mind of an individual or organisation that aspires to become increasingly valuable."

About Felicitas Media (

A million technology start-up with a sharp focus on enhancing customer experience , Felicitas Media have developed unique software that enables organisations to engage with their consumers across multiple communication channels at a reduced cost. From a standing start Felicitas Media are now providing solutions to a number of brands including Yodel, UFC and Saracens.

About Nathan Sansby (

Born in Sheffield, United Kingdom, Nathan is a 21 year-old business executive with a passion for technology, business and education. After attending the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy for young entrepreneurs Nathan ventured straight into the world of social media and consumer communication.

For more information contact Nathan Sansby via or +44(0)7825163611.

SOURCE Felicitas Media