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Mesh Networks Launches the HomeNet Intelligent Router into Consumer and Small Business Marketplace

Mesh Networks (PR Newswire) - 16 November 2014

The HomeNet™ Intelligent Router became available to the consumer and small business markets on November 15, 2014, via the website

HOUSTON/PRNewswire/ -- Mesh Networks (Mesh) announces the long anticipated launch of the "next generation" of network routers for the consumer and small business markets. The value added, feature rich HomeNet™ Intelligent Router launched on November 15, 2014.

Mesh Networks is a privately held bandwidth management solutions technology company. Mesh has developed and brought to market the NetProfit® and QuotaDefender® Systems, bandwidth management and optimization solutions built for the ISP, WISP, MDU, Student Housing, Enterprise, Hospitality, Healthcare, Educational, Civil, Government, 55+/Assisted Living and Executive Suites markets. Mesh has parlayed their multi-vertical success into a new consumer and business version of their proven, state-of-the-art bandwidth management and optimization solutions.

Leon Hubby, a co-founder of Mesh Networks and VP of Sales said, "The HomeNet™ Router was created to put network management into the hands of parents and users of the Internet. The HomeNet™ Router allows parents to determine how and when their children get to use the Internet. The home user can directly impact their quality of experience on the web, control access, enhance entertainment value, restrict or schedule media streaming, and more. The rich feature set and simple application allows the parent to manage the family's network experience." Mr. Hubby went on to say, "Imagine if you were across town, and your child was supposed to be home and completing homework. With the HomeNet™ Router you can check to see who is on your home network and what websites they are visiting. If your child is not visiting educational sites, you can deny access to the network right from where you are."

The HomeNet™ Router comes with such features as dynamic bandwidth management capability, network monitoring, scheduling, streaming video optimizer that eliminates that annoying buffering, as well as family safety features such as IP and website tracking, access control, notifications, and many more, plus additional upcoming features. All with an easy to use, friendly dashboard that allows the owner to manage their network by device. The software license for the value added feature activation is included free with purchase for the first year, then the owner can renew the license yearly. If the owner chooses not to renew the software license, the router will continue to function as a standard wireless router.

Martin Scheid, Mesh Networks CEO states, "We feel the HomeNet™ Router is a breakthrough in terms of managing the home and small business network. The HomeNet™ Routers value added features are free the first year. The software license is renewable at a low cost to keep expenses down and customer satisfaction up. It's an Internet world, and now the consumer and small business owner can control and monitor their home or small business networks from any other network. The HomeNet™ Router features great network tools that can be used for parental management for the home networks and network monitoring and administration tools that also add value and increase productivity for business."

Access to the network dashboard can be achieved using a computer browser or the HomeNet™ Router app which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play store. Available now on iPhone® and select Android® phones, and support for tablets will be coming soon. The super-simple dashboard makes it easy for most anyone to understand and take an active role in managing their own network. Mesh has taken what used to require code configuration and brought it forward so the consumer with no IT background can set the network to meet the requirements of their family and small business and best of all, the intimidation factor seems to have been eliminated.

The HomeNet™ router is manufactured with a patent pending firmware overlaid on the award winning ASUS router platform, and will be available on both the iEEE 802.11n and the higher performance 802.11ac models. The new 802.11ac standard fulfills new requirements of the exponential growth of consumer demand for more connected devices and faster data rates. The new 802.11ac standard combined with the HomeNet™ Routers bandwidth management and parental management capabilities appears to make this "Intelligent" router truly state-of-the-art.

The BizNet™ Router is scheduled to be available late Q1 2015. The BizNet™ Router is set to boast value added features developed by Mesh Networks to enhance business productivity, reduce IT support and network administrative costs.

The HomeNet™ Router became available to the consumer and small business markets on November 15, 2014, via the website

SOURCE Mesh Networks

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