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thePlatform Introduces mpx Replay: Instant On-Demand Access of Linear TV Channel Broadcasts Across Devices

thePlatform (PR Newswire) - 12 November 2014

- Expedites broadcasters' conversion of linear channels for "catch-up" TV across screens

- Optimizes North American broadcasters' ability to publish and syndicate C3/C7 compliant programming

SEATTLE/PRNewswire/ -- Broadcasters around the world are grappling with how to make their linear TV broadcasts available for instant replay on any screen, while enforcing viewing or advertising policies. Most remain hampered by disjointed legacy systems and processes that inhibit speed and efficiency. Today, thePlatform, the leading white-label video publishing company and independent subsidiary of Comcast, introduced mpx Replay to give broadcasters a better choice.

mpx Replay is a new, premium service offered as part of thePlatform's mpx video publishing system, designed to expedite the conversion of linear TV channels for catch-up or C3/C7 video. mpx Replay provides instant asset creation for publishing and distribution, automated metadata to support richer search and discovery, pre-set availability windows, ad policy enforcement, and increased monetization options.

"mpx Replay addresses distinct, but similar, needs facing broadcasters – particularly in Europe and North America," said Marty Roberts, co-CEO of thePlatform. "In Europe, broadcasters need a faster and more efficient way to address the growing demand for catch-up TV across any screen. In North America, broadcasters need an optimized C3 video process that keeps national ad loads intact when bringing their channels online. mpx Replay provides a streamlined, cloud-based solution for both."  

"The rising demand for time-shifted video and live-to-VOD services requires a new class of video management and delivery capabilities," said Aslam Khader, chief product officer for Elemental. "It's a key reason we developed Elemental Delta, and we're very proud that it's an integral part of thePlatform's mpx Replay service."  

Benefits of mpx Replay

mpx Replay provides numerous benefits to broadcasters seeking to make their linear TV channels available for instant replay across devices. These include the ability to:

Expedite linear channels to catch-up workflow:
Create catch-up assets automatically from linear channels as they air for instant availability, with millisecond precision on program breaks; viewers can immediately start watching previously aired programming and start over from the beginning at any time.
Easily convert linear channel broadcasts for C3 or C7 video compliance, keeping national ads intact with their associated shows for three or seven days, and then switching to dynamic ad insertions policies afterwards.
Easily schedule adjustments for linear channel overruns or as-run updates with thePlatform's TV Data Services. Time changes in the mpx console quickly update recording start and end settings.

Using Elemental® Delta's just-in-time (JIT) packaging, adapt catch-up and C3 files to network and device parameters on the fly, allowing consumers to view content instantly with real-time adaptive bitrate streaming for Apple HLS, Smooth Streaming, MPEG-DASH, and Adobe HDS. MP4 and MPEG-TS outputs are also supported.
Optimize catch-up or C3/C7 publishing workflows with pre-configured transcoding profiles to deliver videos to the screens that matter most.
Easily identify TV rebroadcasts and reruns, avoiding unnecessary duplication of existing VOD assets.

Increase viewership and monetization for catch-up or C3/C7 files:
Enable easy discovery of catch-up or C3/C7 videos through thePlatform's TV Data Services, ensuring that metadata is automatically applied to each program.
Pre-set availability windows (hours/days) for catch-up or C3/C7 videos as a general policy, per program, per station, or even by episode. For example, broadcasters can set up policies for different time zones, or blackout particular sporting events due to rights restrictions.

Instantly create various monetization options to gain addition value from the newly created video assets, such as advertising, TVE authentication, and commerce (download to own or rentals).
Broadcasters can manage their entire video workflow via mpx's simple Web-based console. thePlatform also provides industry leading, enterprise-grade level support and service level agreements (SLAs) for online video. More information about thePlatform is available at

About thePlatform
thePlatform™ is the leading white-label video management and publishing company. Media companies rely on thePlatform as their open, central hub for managing, monetizing, and syndicating billions of professionally produced video views annually. The company's services provide unmatched versatility for designing and supporting video businesses on PCs, mobile, and TV. Customers include: A+E Networks, Bell Media, BT, Cablevision, CBC, CBS, Comcast, Cox Communications, E!, Engage Sports Media, the Golf Channel, Fox Sports, HIT Entertainment, Liberty Global, LSDLive, NBC Local Media, NBC Sports, Outdoor Channel, Oxygen, Rogers, Shaw Media, Style, Syfy, Telstra, Time Warner Cable, Travel Channel Media, truTV, USA Network, Viaplay, and numerous others. With more than a decade history of service, thePlatform is an independent subsidiary of Comcast based in Seattle, Wash. For more information:

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