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SMP » Press Releases Offers Interior Designing Solutions at Your Fingertips (PR Newswire) - 26 February 2015

HYDERABAD, India, February 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --
Advertisement presents to you an easy, affordable, and unique opportunity to design your interior space in the way that you have always dreamt of. Not only does it serve to make better deals for consumers looking for designs, it is also a great place for designers to showcase their talent, and attract new customers. is a startlingly simple and yet revolutionary new idea in the realm of interior design and hopes to bring together design providers and seekers on one elegant platform.

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In today's world, the way one designs their space - be it office, drawing room, or even bedroom - says a lot about who they are. We now live in an age where interior design is not just a luxury for the rich, but an individual style statement. It is also a reflection of one's inner self, mood and personality. But often, one cannot invest as much time and effort as they would like in designing their home or office. Thus the need for good interior designers, who can understand client's individual style and bring a professional touch to their private spaces.

But since interior design is relatively new to our urban lifestyles, it is still a highly unorganised sector, with no standardization in prices or evaluation criteria. In such a situation, it is easy for established, larger companies to eclipse smaller and sometimes more talented artistes. Being a sector of industry that is still largely driven by word of mouth and references, it is not easy to navigate and find that special touch that we might like. is the answer to those worries. It connects customers to the best designers and design options from around the world, without them having to leave the comfort of their seat. It allows them to choose best designs and designers to choose projects of their choice.

Using the website, customers can construct their own design briefs to help designers understand their needs and tastes. Once they sign up, customers can upload project details, measurements, ideas, inspirations, and answer a few questions to help understand their unique individual style. Interior designers from across the world, who are also registered on the website, will then work on the project details and compete for their attention. Consumers can then pick the winner by parameters that suit them the most, and the winning design will be theirs. Not only does this give the customer the opportunity to interact with several designers from around the world for many different design perspectives, it also allows up-and-coming designers to showcase their talent.

Speaking about the initiative, Kalyan LC - the brain behind - said, "In this day and age, technology and innovation in online collaborations have changed the functioning of many industries. However, the interior design industry is still a traditional model and is slowly starting to gain momentum with the emergence of the technology innovations. Our platform is going to redefine the relationships between interior designers and customers, with a crowd sourcing model that aims to benefit both the segments." also makes services available to customers at a fraction of the cost it would take with traditional designers and options. Traditionally, offline designers charge an overall project cost or per square foot, and that works out much more expensive, more cumbersome, and ends up giving customers less options to choose from. Eliminating such roadblocks, allows convenient services at low prices and many options to choose from.

About is India's first competition based platform that uses crowdsourcing to aid interior design solutions to clients across the Internet. It believes in innovation, creativity and freedom. Its goal is to disrupt the status quo and enable everyone with affordable design solutions to their dream space. In order to help people everywhere to create their dream space, is using technology to innovate and transform the world of traditional offline interior designing industry in India. It wants each customer to love their new home so much that they can't stop talking about it and it wants to open up amazing new opportunities for interior designers. Customers have access to huge source of talented interior designers who provides variety of design solutions and ideas, and every idea is different, all this at a fraction of the traditional price. It enables designers to break all geographical barriers to contribute design solutions. Customers get the flexibility to choose from a variety of design solutions at a fraction of cost, while giving designers the freedom to choose what type of projects they wish to participate in according to their expertise.

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