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For the Love of Startups, Senior Technical Advisor, Rashi Agarwal Joins Walkover

Walkover Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (PR Newswire) - 13 July 2015

INDORE, India/PRNewswire/ --

A few years ago there were stories of bankers who sold their Ferraris. Now the IT ecosystem is abuzz with the news of senior executives quitting multinational companies for start-ups. One such professional is Rashi Agarwal, who recently left ThoughtWorks to be the CTO at Walkover - a product-based IT start-up in Indore. Being a Senior Consultant at her previous company, Rashi has been exposed to many projects at a lofty level of technicality.

Rashi Agarwal has spent almost 8 years in the IT sector delving into various technologies like, Win forms, mvc,, C#, Java, Spark, EDMX, Hibernate etc. She has been actively involved in projects across various sectors from travel, logistics management, medical to management consulting. She has been an Application Developer, Tech Lead and Mentor and an ardent follower of XP best practices.

Her appointment goes on to show the current trends prevailing in the IT start-up ecosystem, where people with 8-10 years of experience leave companies like Google, Infosys etc., in order to work with start-ups. "I think when you have accumulated experience and expertise, you want to be more personally involved in building a company. Through all the processes and systems of bigger companies, you have learnt how you can be creative despite a limited framework. At some point, you want to take up a job that you want to do for yourself. I feel Walkover is that place where I would be able to challenge my abilities and feel more connected with people," says Rashi.

One of the reasons why she chose to join Walkover was that she realized how innovative they have been about products in their segment. The company is extremely enthusiastic about giving its clients a great service and user experience. Sharing his vision, Walkover CEO Pushpendra Agrawal said, "We wish to constantly make the lives of enterprises and businesses more and more convenient through smart application and communication tools."

"Moreover, they have a great work environment where everyone believes in each of their products and that passion is quite visible. I want to be involved in every aspect of product development and that's what really excites me the most," informs Rashi.

India is the 3rd largest start-up community in the world. Most of these start-ups are decentralised and give all the freedom to the employees to take decisions and exercise creativity. But which is a better model?

"There are 800+ start-ups setting up annually. Each has its own preference. What really matters is when people are invited over an open platform for discussion while working on products or services. This helps in creating a more personalized work environment that reflects in the efficiency of the product," remarks Rashi.

Her thoughts reflect the fact that Indian IT start-up scenario has grown leaps and bounds in past few years. It also establishes that techies who are ambitious to challenge themselves are heading for start-ups. Rashi is excited to be part of Walkover which she terms as a "very positive place".

Says Mr. Agrawal, "Walkover is ready to launch a few competitive products. We are a young and dynamic team and very open to learning. At the same time, we are extremely respectful of experienced people. I am positive that our new Chief Technical Officer would bring in the required guidance and training through her rich pool of skills and experience. I see this as a long-term opportunity for both the parties to grow together. We are honoured to have Rashi as part of Walkover team."

About Walkover:

Walkover is an IT firm specializing in core product development. It recently celebrated its 5th anniversary and is innovating new products periodically. Its product, MSG91, works as a communication bridge between several organizations by providing them enterprise messaging solutions. Walkover is an active member of NASSCOM and IAMAI.

Media Contact:
Shefali Deshwali
Creative Media Manager

SOURCE Walkover Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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