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MSG91 Enables Sending SMS Right From Excel/Google Sheet

Walkover Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (PR Newswire) - 25 August 2015

INDORE, India/PRNewswire/ --

Imagine, if there was a way that enabled a user to send messages directly from their Excel or Google Spreadsheet. MSG91, an Indian leading bulk messaging brand, has turned this imagination into reality with the launch of add-ons for Excel plug-in and Google spreadsheets. As a result, enterprises can reach their customers faster and more conveniently, encouraging persuasive communication.

More and more people all over the world working on Internet browsers are now inclined towards installing plugins and add-ons to optimise their working capabilities and improve search and other operations. This add-on, thus, aims to be one such effective tool to increase productivity.

Currently, such plugins are majorly being used by education sector. Schools and colleges with better technical awareness have enabled such add-ons to send pupil's academic reports, urgent notifications and attendance records to parents. Other industries where add-ons pertaining to faster communication are being used are the ever-changing stock industry and the IT world. The stock industry has high volumes of data where time-sensitive information is to be relayed spontaneously. Such intelligent add-ons are already being used to automate the process of sending the stock prices of different shares to a selected few in a sheet of thousands of entries.

Majority of enterprise use MS Excel and Google spreadsheet to store ever changing day-to-day data and contacts. The plug-in can result in leveraging data, static as well as dynamic, all the more convenient and time-saving, enabling the businesses to focus on efficient communication.

"Distinct businesses and clients have variable needs. Plug-ins for Google sheet and MS Excel has been introduced in our panel with the aim of supporting our existing clients. We truly believe in encouraging the users to utilise their messaging capabilities by reducing extra work and focus more on the message itself," said Pushpendra Agrawal, CEO, MSG91.

About MSG91:

MSG91 ( is a flagship product of Walkover Web Solutions, which works as a communication bridge between several organisations by providing them enterprise messaging solutions. Other than the web and mobile application, MSG91 provides several tools and add-ons to send bulk SMS.

Media Contact:
Shefali Deshwali
Creative Media Manager
Walkover Web Solutions

SOURCE Walkover Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.