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Ello: We are the creators network and we value humans over algorithms

Ello (PR Newswire) - 06 February 2016

BOULDER, Colo/PRNewswire/ -- As news breaks that Twitter may soon begin to manipulate users' feeds in favor of advertisers, Ello ( continues to be the ad-free social network uniquely focused on serving the needs of its robust community of creators, quality brands and publications.

Ello offers a viable and enriching alternative for creators who value humans over algorithms, managing their own streams and maintaining a direct connection with their followers at no cost.

"We do not throttle or manipulate our users' streams. We will never charge for your followers to see your posts. We respect your privacy, and we listen to and trust our users," says Ello CEO and Co-Founder Paul Budnitz. "Ello founders are creators. Ello supports your need to express yourself, explore new ideas, be entertained, and find new technologies in a respectful environment. The Ello community is positive, conversations and connections are meaningful, and the interface is beautiful and ad-free."

Ello's values, which include legal commitments to never manipulating user's streams or selling ads and user data to third parties, is codified in the company's Public Benefit Corporation charter.

Launched in Fall 2014 as an alternative social network for creators, Ello is the best place for creative people everywhere to discover, discuss, publish, share and promote the things they are passionate about. Ello is for anyone who respects, enjoys, is entertained by, or participates in the creative process. Ello is available on the web, through mobile web and the Ello App, available in the Apple App store.

Mark Gelband
+1 303-522-1192
Twitter: @elloworld

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