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FLYPRO wins Best Startups to Invest and Most Innovative Value awards

FLYPRO Aerospace Tech Co., Ltd. (PR Newswire) - 27 February 2016

SHENZHEN/PRNewswire/ -- The winners of Taibo Intelligence Unit's Game Changer-themed GIO Annual Summit 2015 and The Most Innovative Value 2015, organized by leading Chinese network technology media outlet Leiphone, have recently been announced. Shenzhen-based FLYPRO Aerospace Tech Co., Ltd. won Taibo Intelligence Unit's Top 20 Best Startups to Invest and Leiphone's Top 25 The Most Innovative Value awards following a thorough evaluation by the organizing committee and industry experts.

The Game Changer-themed China GIO Annual Summit 2015, hosted by the leading Chinese business research organization across the aerospace industry, focuses on the strategic emerging spatial information sector. The event provides a horizontal and systematized analysis of the sector in a move to identify significant innovations. The selection of The Top 20 Best Startups to Invest winners among numerous candidates is based on a wide-ranging set of criteria, including the core technology, the business model and the level of revenue.

Leiphone is one of China's leading network technology media organizations. The winners of Top 25 The Most Innovative Value were selected based on keeping a daily watch on which companies are getting noticed and nominations by a jury made up of dozens of industry experts, with a focus on the parts of the sector getting the most attention, mainly unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), artificial intelligence (AI) as well as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR).

FLYPRO is a specialist and technology-driven innovator in the design and development of UAVs as well as a pioneer in the global smart sports UAV market. FLYPRO's latest smart sports UAV for sports enthusiasts, XEagle, comes equipped with several superior features, including voice control, auto obstacle avoidance, as well as the ability to control the device via the XWatch and One Button to Get Started. XEagle, highlighted at IDE 2015, CES 2016 and International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2016, has attracted the attention of global UAV industry professionals and media outlets.

A launch on Kickstarter and's crowdfunding platforms is planned for a smart sports UAV version of the XEagle.

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SOURCE FLYPRO Aerospace Tech Co., Ltd.

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