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Daniel Martin, a.s. Unveils FIBROT on Indiegogo to Change the Smartphone World

Daniel Martin, a.s. (PR Newswire) - 30 March 2016

ZILINA, Slovakia/PRNewswire/ ---- Smartphones don't need to be only smaller, thinner or faster, they can have something extra. Daniel Martin's creative team launches a crowdfounding campaign on Indiegogo for FIBROT®, which is an app that will use scientific knowledge of the impact of colours on the human mind. They took a different approach than the leading mobile manufacturers when they additionally created a a small 3D gadget which allows any smartphone to spin.

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It was the Fibonacci golden ratio that helped them to produce a perfectly shaped product and also inspired the name of the whole project. An unusual team member, Timo the dog, had become a key figure in the creation of the product as Timo's concentration when chasing his tail brought the idea of rotation into the light.

People who tested FIBROT® have noticed rapid improvement of concentration, creativity, alertness during sport activities and improved ability to fall asleep easily. The team and the tested subjects discovered that it is also great for entertainment like the Spin the Bottle game or during watching spirals in different videos.

As one of the inventors, Mr Roman Gresak, added with a smile: "The period prior to 2016 will be called the period when smartphones didn't spin."

The FIBROT® team is planning to use all the income from the first edition of the app to develop the second edition, which will aim to help with anxiety or bring back appetite.

About Daniel Martin

Daniel Martin, a.s. is a young, progressive and dynamically developing Slovak company, focusing on inventive ideas in technology, culture and art.

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Lukas Valek
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