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Adobe Summit 2016: What Does It Take To Be An Experience Business?

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Adobe Systems Incorporated) - 11 May 2016

Adobe Outlines Vision Of “Experience Business” At Leading Digital Marketing Industry Event In Europe

LONDON, Adobe Summit EMEA, United Kingdom – Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) today kicked off Adobe Summit EMEA 2016, its annual digital marketing conference in Europe, featuring insight from some of the sector’s biggest thinkers and showcasing the latest marketing tools and innovations. Adobe Summit EMEA is the leading industry event in Europe focused on the future of marketing and business transformation, attracting over 5,000 attendees.

As well as starring the latest innovations to Adobe Cloud Platform, this year’s conference will play stage to a number of big names. This includes actor, producer and activist, Colin Farrell, internationally renowned chef Heston Blumenthal and BAFTA-winning TV presenter, Davina McCall, talking about how they are leading with experience and evolving their personal brands in today’s digital world. Attendees will also hear from some of the world’s best marketing experts including Simon Chatfield, Heathrow’s head of eBusiness & CRM and Giles Richardson, head of analytics, Royal Bank of Scotland. They will be joined by major brands including Vodafone, Spotify, O2, Sky, Aston Martin Lagonda and Unilever, sharing how they are at the forefront of the next big industry wave: the “Experience Business” wave.

Experience Business
The flood of information and opportunity unleashed by the digital revolution has given customers more choice than ever before, raising their expectations to unprecedented levels. There is only one way for brands to thrive in this new environment: become an Experience Business. Companies have to create a personalised, compelling customer experience at every link of the relationship, from websites and mobile apps to retail environments. Experience Business is the third wave of enterprise software, following the transformation of the back-office and the front-office through enterprise technology and data. This third wave is reinventing how products and services are created, delivered and marketed.

“Every brand should be obsessed about giving customers a relevant, seamless and personalised experience throughout their entire journey,” said Brad Rencher, executive vice president and general manager, Digital Marketing Business at Adobe. “This is what being an Experience Business is all about. We at Adobe are laser-focused on enabling our customers to create the stand-out experiences that are revolutionising the way we engage with our audiences.”

Adobe Cloud Platform
Advancements to Adobe Cloud Platform announced at Adobe Summit EMEA include:

Data Science
  • Adobe unveiled new data science capabilities across Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, and Adobe Marketing Cloud to help businesses deliver the most engaging and personalised customer experiences across devices, physical locations, apps, and other touch points. These new functionalities join the hundreds of data science capabilities in all three clouds.

  • The new data science updates in Adobe Marketing Cloud include auto-allocating online visitors to the highest-performing experiences, richer metrics and insights for ad campaigns, propensity scoring for remarketing, and the beta programme for the predictive subject line capability. Adobe Creative Cloud features a new font recognition and comparison tool, as well as a Technology Preview for image curation. New document semantic analysis and image-processing techniques for optimising documents are included in Adobe Document Cloud.

Data-Driven Advertising
  • Brands interact with consumers each time they engage with a digital advertisement. If the experience is delivered poorly or the content isn’t of interest, users will seek ways to bypass the content, as they become less willing to accept ads as a trade-off for free services. New advertising capabilities in Adobe Media Optimizer will enable brands to address this challenge by supporting creative ad content with deep data insights. Advertisers will be able to engage users with contextually relevant and highly personalised ads, driving better engagement by leading with the user experience first.

  • The new capabilities include full integration of Adobe’s Dynamic Creative Optimization across Adobe Marketing Cloud to help deliver personalised creative content at scale and in real time, support for video ads with built-in analytics, enhanced mobile capabilities to drive more efficient downloads via better ad targeting and campaign optimisation, the ability to leverage location information to adjust bids on search ad impressions and new analytics capabilities for display, video and DCO that will help advertisers accurately analyse ad performance and report actionable findings across an organisation.

Adobe Partner Ecosystem
Adobe announced several partners across Europe, such as Ensemble Systems, DigitasLBI France, The App Lab and Netcentric are extending their support of Adobe Experience Manager to include mobile. Experience Manager Mobile makes it easy to build and manage visually appealing enterprise apps that are as simple to use as consumer apps.  

Becoming an Experience Business
Adobe also released the results of its Adobe Digital Index (ADI) EMEA Best of the Best 2015 Report, which benchmarks what the average and top companies are doing across a number of metrics by analysing Adobe Marketing Cloud data, and includes insight into the online habits of over 5,000 consumers across Europe. The report found that European consumers now own an average of 6.1 connected devices and use three of these daily, across multiple operating systems. 85% of us also now frequently switch devices during online tasks. However, the brand experience across devices is not stacking up, with only 40% saying that companies are doing a good job at providing consistent and personalised experiences across devices. Furthermore, the data shows that smartphone traffic grew on average 36% or more year-on-year for each country.

The ADI highlights the changing consumer journey and the need for brands to become Experience Businesses. People are increasingly switching devices, spending less time on sites and generally moving around a lot more so delivering consistent, visually appealing and technically perfect experiences, will be the opportunity to win and retain audiences. You can read the full results here

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