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In Italy Prisoners Can Send Handcrafted Tweets

Tonic International (PR Newswire) - 03 May 2016

DUBAI, UAE/PRNewswire/ ---- Tonic International, a Dubai-based creative agency comes up with #TweetFromAPrison project for Made in Carcere - a dedicated line of Made in Carcere products that allows Italian prisoners to communicate with the outside world by using Twitter.  

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A statistics report shows that 80% of prisoners who learn a new skill are less likely to commit crime after being released. For this reason, in 2007, Made in Carcere was born.

Its goal is to provide job training and voluntary full-time employment to women imprisoned for minor offences. They make gadgets, giving new life to unwanted textiles. It's a sustainable idea based on the "second-chance philosophy", for both fabrics and for women who are in prison.

Through learning a craft, these women can earn a salary and have a chance for a better life once they leave prison. These new skills give them the opportunity to understand their worth and to play an active role in society.

Made in Carcere had a problem: recruitment inside the prison was difficult due to the indifference of the prisoners.

The company asked Tonic International to find a solution and #Tweet From A Prison was born. A prisoner can sew her tweet on a bracelet and submit it to the outside world thanks to the Made in Carcere e-commerce website. A special sewing machine is connected directly to the Made in Carcere Twitter page. Every time a person sends a tweet reply, it will be instantly sewn by the machine and delivered inside the prison.

"The moment they come out of prison and resume their regular lives they will be less likely to be marginalized again and, most importantly, to make similar mistakes again."  (Luciana delle Donne, Ceo - Made in Carcere)

Cristiano Tonnarelli, Executive Creative Director of Tonic International, adds: "Made in Carcere's goal is to provide job training and voluntary full-time employment to women imprisoned for minor offences, while reducing waste by giving new life to unwanted textiles. With #TweetfromAprison project we want to encourage prisoners to join Made in Carcere and to expose them, at least conceptually, to the digital chatter that now defines modern life and can make reintegration all the more daunting."

Agency: Tonic International, Dubai
Executive Creative Drirector: Cristiano Tonnarelli
Copywriter: Matteo Maggiore
Art Director: Valerio Mangiafico
Producer: Kappakom

Executive Producer: Ascanio Capparoni
Director: Serena Corvaglia

Dop: Federico Annicchiarico

Post production: Iggy Post

Edit: Marco Bonini

Colorist: Daniel Pallucca

Original Music: Stabbiolo Music - Alessandro Cristofori e Diego Perugini
Assistant Director: Giulio Cupperi

Assistant Producer: Federica Talone
Tonic International  

Founded in Dubai, Tonic International is a marketing communication group that revolutionised the communication landscape in the Middle East. Tonicians are smart and fearless- they take brands to new directions though branding, design, advertising, research, digital and media. Visit this fiercely independent agency at  

Luciana Delle Donne, CEO of Made in Carcere company / mobile: +393355441121,

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SOURCE Tonic International

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