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LeEco’s Le 2 and Le Max2: Pioneering the Next Generation Audio Technology With CDLA

LeEco India (PR Newswire) - 11 June 2016

BANGALORE/PRNewswire/ ---- LeEco, the global internet and technology conglomerate has achieved many industry firsts since its launch, both globally and in India. This time, with its second generation Super phones Le 2 and Le Max2 that have just been launched in the Indian market, LeEco is spearheading a revolution in the audio technology space. Continual Digital Lossless Audio or CDLA is LeEco's proprietary technology, a global first in the smartphones industry which replaces the 3.5mm headphone jack with a standard Type-C interface for a revolutionary music experience.

At the heart of this technological development is the ever evolving consumer demand of having a comprehensive and seamless experience while consuming content on the go. While streaming content on their smartphones, consumers are always looking for an audio experience that complements the visuals. Realizing that data consumption on smartphones is on a constant upswing, LeEco has pioneered the CDLA technology, a testimony to the company's history of setting new trends and pioneering cutting-edge technology across the globe.

While the USB Type-C port design is extremely complex, it doesn't necessarily impact or simplify the design process for LeEco. The audio USB Type-C port can be used for data transferring or charging the phone. The CDLA standard raises the bar for audio quality and represents a digital architecture that enables end-to-end lossless digital music transmission, which is the world's first continual digital lossless audio standard.

LeEco has made significant investments in R&D for providing next-generation tools and solutions that offer a better user experience for its consumers. When the consumer opts for a wired connection, they expect the best listening quality; which, with a 3.5 mm analog port, isn't possible. While most phones use a 3.5mm audio jack, they employ the Hi-Fi digital-audio reproduction, which results in loss of sound. CDLA will also put an end to the isolation due to poor transport medium and chaotic sound field and greatly reduce the cost for the user to enjoy high quality music. By replacing the 3.5mm jack with a Type-C port, LeEco has introduced a new approach to mobile audio transcoding and transmission and delivers what LeEco believes is a much better overall audio experience for consumers.

Both Le 2 and Le Max2 have been extremely well received in China since their launch, a testimony to how well the CDLA technology has resonated with the users. And there are numbers to back this. In China, the Le Max2 sold out in 57 seconds while the Le 2 sold out in 8 minutes and 22 seconds, with the total sales volume for the two phones combined reaching 750,000 units.

The new CDLA music standard is all set to redefine audio experience in smartphones with its breakthrough technology and an unparalleled ecological revolution, spearheaded by Le 2 and Le Max2.

About LeEco:  

LeEco, formerly known as Letv, is a global pioneering internet and technology company with multiple internet ecosystems across content, devices, applications and platforms. Founded in November 2004 by Jia Yueting and Liu Hong, LeEco employs more than 10,000 people and is the world's first video company to go public with a market capitalization of more than $12 billion USD. Headquartered in Beijing, China, it has regional headquarters in Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

With "Complete Ecosystem, Ground-breaking Technologies, and Disruptive Pricing" as the guiding principle, LeEco is engaged in a myriad of businesses, spanning from Internet-based Super TV and Super phones, video production and distribution, smart devices/accessories and large-screen applications, to e-commerce and even connected super-electric cars. The company also features one of the world's largest content libraries, comprising of movies, TV dramas, entertainment shows, sports and music, which can be conveniently viewed on LeEco products, including the Super phones, Super TVs, and in the near future, Le Autos. Breaking the barriers of industries, LeEco provides personalized products and services for an enhanced user experience at disruptive prices.

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LeEco India

SOURCE Le Ecosystem Technology India Pvt. Ltd.

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