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SMP » Press Releases can 'Reinvent Digital Activism' Says Study by the London School of Economics (PR Newswire) - 29 September 2016

LONDON/PRNewswire/ ---- Social campaign platform can become a game changer in digital activism, says a recent study released by the London School of Economics Fellow and Researcher, Silvia Masiero (Reinventing Digital Activism from Within: From Reach to Impact through

Traditional models of digital activism, such as online petitions, have obtained remarkable success on a global scale beciuse they have lowered the cost of commitment, by reducing it to just a few clicks. At the same time, this has attracted critiques in terms of the actual capability of converting reach into impact, argues Dr. Masiero.

"At, action is both on cost and on benefit, so that low cost of commitment is matched by mechanisms dedicated specifically to monitor the impact of campaigns, making it tangible and observable" states the LSE study.

" is a unique platform working as a powerful social campaign amplifier far beyond online petitions," explains company founder Marco Camisani Calzolari. "The system allows individuals and organisations to generate public support thanks to the ability to engage VIPs, send direct messages to decision makers, and raise money to further promote the issues at stake".

"Engagement does not consist in a simple signature", contends Dr. Masiero. "The gist of the social diffusion is digital amplification, which increases the effect of people's voices without requiring high knowledge of ICTs. The model launched by has devised a way to do so, quickly and systemically turning potential supporters into digital activists."

"This emerging platform reinvents the notion of reach, putting it in a finalistic relation with the objective of each campaign" concludes the study. "This is what makes it capable to increase the impact of social diffusion, articulating a clear mechanism to monitor the real effects of its campaigns"

Marco Camisani Calzolari is a social entrepreneur, a university lecturer and a writer. His studies on fake Twitter and Facebook followers generated a considerable amount of international buzz, being extensively reviewed by Reuters (Robots crowd Twitter brand profiles: study), Financial Times (Twitter bots are boosting brands - survey), Guardian (Hot or bot? Italian professor casts doubt on politician's Twitter popularity), Daily Telegraph (Human or 'bot'? Doubts over Italian comic Beppe Grillo's Twitter followers) and the Economist (Beware the tweeting crowds). He lives in London.

Complete LSE report:

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