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200+ Chinese Film Production Companies 1-1 Meeting on CFIC2016

CFIC (CFIC) - 13 October 2016

Organized by NIEC Group, official strategic supported by China Movie Capital, officially supported by Alliance of China Film Intelligent Property Authorization, Alliance of China Film Post Processing Industry, Alliance of China Film Derivative Industry, China International Film Industry Congress & Exhibition 2016 will be held on 17-19th November in Cineaste Garden Hotel in Beijing Huairou China Movie Capital.

With positive influence of policy and Internet, innovation and evolution happens in whole industry through film making, distributing channel and derivative, business environment and capital attitude of Chinese film industry have an obvious change. New camera technology such as VR has brought different view of film making and distributing. WANDA, Alibaba, China Film Co., LTD has accelerated layout process of film and derivative industry, to prepare for the emerging film market of China.

CFIC2016 focus on cutting edge technology and collaboration model of Chinese film production. 300+ film industry decision makers, 20+ international film production groups, 10+ video websites distributing platforms, 30+ cutting edge technology providers of film production, 80% film derivative distributing channels in China, etc. will attend this top level annual festival in Asia!

CFIC2016 will organize the 200+ Chinese film production companies one to one meeting in Day Two afternoon including:

-          Chinese Radio Television Press Center

-          China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association

-          Hongkong Film Awards

-          Institute of Chinese Film Derivative Industry

-          CHINA FILM CO.,LTD.

-          Changchun Film Studio Group Co.,Ltd.

-          EMEI FILM GROUP

-          YL PICTURES

-          Huayi Bros. Media Group

-          Bona Film Group Limited


-          Wanda Pictures

-          Beijing Film Academy

-          Shanghai Film Co.,Ltd

-          HG Entertainment

-          Talent International Film Co. Ltd

-          ENLIGHT MEDIA

-          HUACE Film & TV

-          WASU Media

-          Le Vision Pictures

-          iQIYI Pictures

-          Alibaba Pictures Group Limited

-          UniMedia

-          CIWEN MEDIA


-          VRision Film




Day One


Chinese Film Industry Policy & Trend

(Key Words: Policy Supporting, New Trend, Distribution Innovation, Internet+, Ascending Requirement)


Cutting Edge Technology of Film Production

(Key Words: VR, AR, Technology and Content Innovation, Post Processing Service, Talent Cultivation)



Day Two


Film IP Protection and Collaboration

(Key Words: Long Term Branding Development, Cross-border Collaboration)


Film Derivative Ecological Layout

(Key Words: Development Mode, Lifecycle, Authorization, Fan Economy)

Day Three


Site Tour - Beijing Huairou China Movie Capital


For speakers, sponsors and registration, please contact Henry Tan
Email :

Phone: +86(0)21-61403757


For Media Partnership, please contact Hailey XU
Email :
Phone: +86(0)21-61403712

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