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Belgium on track for Eurovision win, according to social data analysed by Adobe

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Adobe Systems Incorporated) - 05 May 2017

Social buzz for Eurovision 2017 in March and April higher than the 2016 contest, with mentions increasing 41% month-on-month between February and March

Belgium’s Blanche is the current frontrunner to win next weekend’s Eurovision Song Contest, according to social engagements analysed by Adobe Digital Insights. The full Eurovision top 10, based on analysis of 36 million social media engagements, are expected to be:
1.      Blanche (Belgium)
2.      Francesco Gabbani (Italy)
3.      Alma (France)
4.      Demy (Greece)
5.      Lucie Jones (UK)
6.      Levina (Germany)
7.      Brendan Murray (Ireland)
8.      Isaiah (Australia)
9.      Timebelle (Switzerland)
10.   Kristian Kostov (Bulgaria)
While Eurovision 2016 had a stronger start on social media than this year’s contest (169,910 mentions in February 2016, compared to 114,869 in February 2017), both March and April 2017 saw more social media buzz than the equivalent period in the previous year (162,122 in March 2017 and 157,377 in April 2017, compared to 126,010 and 144,760 in March and April 2016 respectively).
The three live shows in 2016 delivered 204 million viewers worldwide*—a record-breaker for the contest— ad impressions were up 36%, and ad completions were up 30% during the four hour finals (compared to the same time the week prior). All eyes will now be on Kiev to see if Ukraine can deliver another record-breaking production this year.
Around the world, UK fans are posting the most about Eurovision on social media:
1.      UK (21% of total mentions)
2.      US (11%)
3.      Germany (10%)
4.      Spain (7%)
5.      Sweden (6%)
6.      Netherlands (5%)
7.      Greece (%)
8.      Australia (4%)
9.      France (4%)
10.   Romania (4%)
11.   Italy (2%)
(Other markets combined totalled 22%)
* Source:
Adobe Digital Insights
Adobe Digital Insights publishes research on digital marketing and other topics of interest to senior marketing and e-commerce executives across industries. The findings of this report are based on analysis of:
·        36M social engagements (mentions, page likes, followers, video views) from February 2016 – April 2017 via blogs, Facebook, G+, Reddit, Twitter, Dailymotion, Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr, VK, Disqus, Foursquare, Metacafe, Wordpress, and YouTube
·        TubeMogul (now part of Adobe) ad performance data across 39M Impressions during ESC 2016 Finals
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