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SYLO Empowers Influencer Marketing Industry with Third-Party Measurement

SYLO, Inc. (PR Newswire) - 13 June 2017

What Nielsen is for TV and comScore for Website Traffic, SYLO is Influencer Marketing's standardized campaign measurement

NEW YORK/PRNewswire/ -- SYLO, Inc. today announced its launch of third-party analytics and standardized reporting for the influencer marketing industry. Trusted by several Fortune 500 companies, agencies, and influencers, SYLO's measurement system calculates individual "SYLO Scores" for every piece of content posted by influencers across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Because SYLO does not execute influencer campaigns, the company can truly give third-party, independent campaign metrics, benchmarks, and insights on campaign performance to brands as well as influencers.

The demand, by both brands and influencers, for independent validation and reporting inspired media industry veterans Brett Garfinkel and Erick Schwab to build SYLO. The SYLO Score is generated by a proprietary algorithm that gathers and weights influencers' engagement, consumption, and reach metrics on each piece of content.

"Just as Nielsen did for TV and comScore did for website traffic, the influencer marketing industry needs a standard scoring system to rely on as more and more marketing budget dollars are being allocated towards influencer campaigns," explains SYLO CEO, Brett Garfinkel. "The SYLO Score provides just that, arming brands and influencers with the confidence that they are working with the right people and the right type of content on the right social platforms."

Mountain Dew and SYLO formed a partnership in 2016 to build out a brand-led influencer team, Mountain Dew Green Label, and measure its performance. Oby Enyia, Brand Marketing & Media Strategy at Pepsico, said, "Third-party measurement in influencer marketing is just as important as it is for all other kinds of media that brands purchase. From this measurement comes a number of capabilities and deep audience insights that allow us to develop trusted partnerships with influencers to tell better and more relevant stories to the audiences who follow them."

"The need for a standardized cross-platform scoring system is a significant one and will help us collectively begin to measure true apples-to-apples inputs, KPIs, and outcomes," said Shannon Pruitt, a content marketing pioneer and President of North America at The Story Lab, one of the leading agencies activating content across social media. "As the influencer marketing space continues to evolve, content marketers need a measurement system that truly informs and attributes value to their storytelling and creative strategies."

David Beebe, formerly VP, Global Creative and Content Marketing for Marriott International, and adviser to SYLO, added, "The need for a single, standardized metric and reporting really hit home when I'd execute a campaign and receive several different reports detailing the performance of that one campaign. With the plethora of data out there, the industry can't just pick and choose what metrics they want?they need one scoring system, taking into account all of the performance data available, to justify their campaigns."

About SYLO
Founded in 2016 by a team of content marketing and technology industry veterans, SYLO empowers the Influencer Marketing industry with third-party measurement. At a time when influencer marketing measurement must mature, brands and influencers now have mutually beneficial, independent, cross-platform validation and standardized reporting. The SYLO Score and campaign analyses provide brands with the confidence that they are working with the right people and the right type of content on the right social platforms. Learn more at

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