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With LIKE App You can Rocket to Sky in a Magic Video Easily

LIKE App (PR Newswire) - 25 August 2017

NEW DELHI/PRNewswire/ -- LIKE, a magic video maker and editor, recently launched a new magic effect that enables users to re-create the stunt scenes in Iron Man without any cost. The developers named this amazing effect as 'LIKE Rocket'.

The famous super-hero movie Iron Man with Oscar star cast cost $135 million to create lifelike stunt scenes, which became the highlights of the super hero movie. But now on LIKE, the trendy magic video editing mobile app, users is able to reproduce these amazing magic scenes in such movies without costing anything!

Users only need to record a normal video and add effects via LIKE, and then magic scenes like flying in the air just like in Iron Man can be easily realized! With the special effects such as LIKE Rocket, Ant Man and many more, anyone has the 'magic power' to fly up and down in their video. The app allows creative talents to create even more stunning scenes than the movies within a few minutes. It's time for imagination to become real in the LIKE video!

Since its launch in India, LIKE has already become a trending app and attracted 1 million users. Aligned with its tagline 'Everyone is a Magician', it has a huge collection of magic and special effects that are fantasy-based. Those effects all look realistic just like we get to see in science fiction movies. Developed by Bigo Technology, it is all set to become the leading trend on social media by creating short videos.

Available on Google Play and iOS App Store, LIKE is the best choice for those who love entertainment and sharing their moments on social media. What makes it better for Indian users is that LIKE now is available in 10 languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujrati, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam and Punjabi.

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