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"Indian men don't like to wait for a date", says weTouch survey

weTouch (PR Newswire) - 25 September 2017

NEW DELHI/PRNewswire/ -- There are a lot of questions in mind before one starts chatting with someone on a dating app. One such important question is "How long should you wait before asking your partner out for a date?" One of the top emerging dating apps, weTouch, conducted a survey in India asking over 3,000 users, aged 25 to 34 years, about their dating habits. The study highlights an interesting outlook on the attitude of both genders towards online dating.

weTouch provides a platform to its users to chat, meet and date new people.  The survey results showed that 71% of males ask females out for a date within a span of 3 days. On the flip side, 63% of women said that they wait for the man to ask them out and take the first step only after waiting for 5-6 days.

When the users were asked about their first date preferences, 75% answered that they like to go out for a movie or coffee. Moreover, most men (73%) still think that they should pay on the first date, whereas, only 45% women agreed to that. Most certainly, it is a sign of rising independent women in India. Talking of change, there are still a few things which more or less remain the same, just like the good old times. Roughly 80% users still treat dating as a personal affair and don't like to tag a friend on their dates. Also, preferred topics to chat remain personal life such as career and family (43%), followed by traveling and food (31%).

The success of dating apps have always been questioned in the Indian market, but it turns out that the industry is booming as these apps are a unique blend of technology and tradition. weTouch survey results show that around 72% of its users have met a partner through their App. In a nutshell, online dating allows people to be connected 24 hours a day and talk more in lesser time, not leaving much room to wait. Having said that, everyone has their own ways of chatting and dating. This survey was an effort to highlight dating habits amongst Indians, as it continues to evolve.

SOURCE weTouch

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