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London tech startup Qutee aims to change the face of online conversation with launch of data-driven discussion platform

Qutee (Qutee) - 15 November 2017

Leading gaming influencers already curating mass conversations and generating real-time audience insights on Qutee

London and New York ---- Tech startup Qutee has
launched a new data-driven discussion platform that is set to reinvent online
community discussions. The Qutee platform provides real-time advanced analytics
to give content creators and publishers more control of, and insight into,
curated online conversations than is possible with existing social platforms
and discussion forums.

Qutee data discussions archive, analyse and transform comments into valuable data, meaning that anyone with a digital community - from influencers and publishers to brands’ social media teams - can transform masses of qualitative comments and quantitative poll data into tangible insight on how audiences think and feel.

The public meanwhile can filter thousands of comments with a few clicks to find the people, topics, or data they’re interested in, allowing them to contribute to the digital debates they see as most important.

Qutee’s intuitive analytics dashboard is free for community owners, allowing them to gain valuable data on how their own brand/content is performing and what their audiences want to see more/less of.

The platform has gained significant traction in the online gaming world while in beta. Leading gaming and tech influencers - including CapgunTom, Phylol and Shmee150 - use the Qutee platform to curate discussions with their audiences on topics from iPhone and Amazon Echo to League of Legends, Total War and FIFA 18, generating tens of thousands of comments via their Qutee threads.

Business users and consumers can start or contribute to a discussion, add a rating, and create or vote on a poll, with every comment automatically catalogued so that, unlike existing social platforms, comments don’t disappear within hours and users can quickly and easily filter what they’re looking for. Qutee can also be embedded on any brand or publisher website within minutes.

“Every day the online world becomes noisier and more saturated with wasted content. The sheer volume of comments means that audiences can no longer be heard, and brands, publishers, influencers and the public find it difficult to listen. Quite simply, existing social platforms and discussion forums are crushing digital
debate,” said Tim Wilson, co-founder and CEO of Qutee. “Our mission is to
fundamentally upgrade online community discussions, which is why we’ve launched
our free, data-driven comments platform. With Qutee, every voice can be heard,
valued, analysed and interrogated, and that means debate and data democracy for

Tech influencer and Qutee convert Phylol says:
“With Qutee I know more about my audience than any other League of Legends
vlogger. I use this insight to create stronger YouTube content, while also
collecting unprecedented data that is useful for future League of Legends
updates & game developments.The comment filters allow me to see the game
from so many different player perspectives with just a click. I’m sure we as a
community on Qutee can help the League of legends developers improve the game
over time.”

Privately backed, Qutee fully owns the intellectual property behind its platform, and is advised by a board of digital tech industry figures, including senior executives formerly of Facebook and VisualDNA.

About Qutee
Founded in 2015 by CEO Tim Wilson and CTO Flint Barrow, Qutee’s mission is to
permanently raise the standard of debate online, for everyone’s benefit.

The US/UK startup is the developer of the world’s most advanced digital
comments and discussion platform. It helps any digital content creator – from
tech influencers to media companies, publishers and brands – to engage with
audiences in a more meaningful way by delivering real insights from online
discussions. While in beta, the platform generated 1000s of comments from
engaged communities for key gaming & tech influencers such as Capguntom,
Huzzy, Marzbar, Oakelfish and Phylol.

Qutee is privately backed and fully owns the intellectual property behind its
technology platform. Board advisory members include Elizabeth Linder, who
previously launched Facebook India and led Facebook EMEA government relations,
and Jim Hodgkins, ex-CEO of the world’s leading psychographic consumer data
company VisualDNA.

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