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DES | Digital Enterprise Show (DES | Digital Enterprise Show) - 05 April 2018

For its third year in a row DES Digital Business World Congress, the largest international gathering on digital business, which will be held in Madrid (Spain) from May 22nd, to 24th, organizes its exclusive marketing forum. Over the course of three days, Digital Marketing Planet will have the participation of international experts and will offer a wide array of topics with over 21 hours of coverage on the trends in marketing. To secure your place at the event please get your pass at the website.

The lineup of speakers gather international experts such as Scott Brinker, the precursor of the martech concept worldwide, who will analyze how technology is currently transforming marketing and what is the role of data analysis; Walter Jennings, VP of Huawei's Corporate Communication, who will reveal his experiences and strategies in Influencer Marketing; and Jeff Sanders who will bring his "50 not out" strategy from Australia. With 50 not out Sanders states that companies need to transform the stereotypes and myths of the millennial consumers, to which all campaigns appear to be targeted, and look towards the people over 50 to identify new business opportunities within this target.

Along with them, Jeanniey Mullen, CMO of the Year, will focus on the new challenges of a CMO; Marina Specht will show her innovative work in the area of inbound marketing; JJ Delgado will share tactics to exceptionally grow a business combined with analysis and creativity; and Guillaume Herbette will speak about the digital transformation in the PR industry.

"The digital marketing of tomorrow offers advancements in emerging technologies as consumers demand a more integrated experience. The organizations are moving towards a maturity scenario where they are doing more investment to establishing specialization improvements within their marketing teams. In this edition, we will understand the secret to a perfect customer journey through data-based marketing, artificial intelligence to better predict where we should invest, what social networks are doing in AR or how new virtual assistants can disrupt and completely change the marketing experience", commented Sonia Pacheco, Congress Director at DES, Digital Business World Congress.

The state of the art in marketing
Digital Marketing Planet has become a reference point to get to know the latest trends every year. During the three-days forum, from the 22nd to the 24th of May, prominent professionals, innovators, visionaries and experts in digital marketing will analyze the state of the art, the top trends and best practices in the field. All through an array of debates, masterclass and lectures divided in 5 blocks: "CMO Priorities," "Content Marketing," "Fueling Growth," "Digital Partnerships," and "MarTech."

Marketing Analytics, the ultimate Inbound Marketing trends on content, video content, Customer Data Integration, Storytelling, VR Branding, Programmatic, Growth Hacking, Brand Advocacy, Martech, the rise of influencer marketing and key data-driven to engage are among the trends that help companies to better understand the preferences, needs and new expectations of consumers; and all of them will have its space at Digital Marketing Planet, together with the main challenges and priorities on todayís CMOs agenda.

Programmatic advertising trends with The Cookie Afterwork
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will enter into force next 25 May, and it is expected to change the rules of management of cookies and will affect to all advertising campaigns. The Cookie Afterwork, the meeting point of greatest relevance for programmatic advertising professionals, will focus on the new regulation and how it will affect the marketing industry at DES2018.

Analysis of trends, latest knowledge and networking

Since the first edition in 2016, DES has become a meeting point of CMOs from companies around the world. About 200 speakers have participated in the sessions of this congress, including Tom Goodwin, EVP Head of Innovation at Zenith Media, who explored the impact of RV and RA technologies or predictive computing, Thomas Husson, Vice President of Forrester and principal B2C marketing analyst, or Brian Solis, digital analyst and anthropologist and expert in digital transformation, culture 2.0 and strategic innovation for the adaptation of all types of companies to the new connected markets.

Get to know the full Digital Marketing Planet programme

More information about the first speakers confirmed:
Walter Jennings: VP of Corporate Communications at Huawei, is an authority on influencer strategies. Ten years ago, the Huawei brand was irrelevant to the standard user but thanks to the figure of Jennings, Huawei is already the third largest seller of smartphones in the world. To get here, he will explain how he developed KOL (Key Opinion Leaders), a marketing influencers program developed in-house.

Jeff Sanders: A lot of people over the age of 50 donít believe advertising is targeted to them, does not engage them and is not for them. The prototype of a consumer over 50 must change, the new 50 are Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts. This is the base of its '50 not out' strategy that promotes marketing strategies for the population of over 50. Sanders will be in charge of explaining how to get a real business opportunity from the data and turn them into real catalysts of action to generate results beyond Millennial generation. CEO of Beyond Analysis and 50notout, has more than 20 years of experience in data-based marketing.

Scott Brinker: VP Platform Ecosystem in HubSpot is the precursor of Martech and the greatest exponent of the application of marketing technology. For Brinker: "marketing has become a technology driven discipline, and therefore marketing organizations must infuse technological capabilities in their DNA" to survive and continue competing. During Digital Marketing Planet you will discuss new marketing management approaches, such as agile marketing; the new marketing technology landscape and why marketing software will never be like ERP.

Jeanniey Mullen: Global Chief Marketing at Mercer and CMO of the year specializes in delivering growth acceleration and brand strength through innovative digital transformation, and marketing strategies from the inside out. During Digital Marketing Planet will explain its concept "People Marketing" and its three-pronged approach coined "AIR": authentic, inspirational and reliable. As an example of authenticity, it will demonstrate that the CMO must be able to turn the employees into a brand advocacy with the goal of building a trustful connection for global growth company.

JJ Delgado:
CDO of Estrella Galicia, Delgado has helped to put the customer at the center of many organizations over multiple international marketplaces (Amazon, Burger King, Ford, Siemens, etc.), he will share technical growth skills, processes and tactics that will help a business grow in scalable, measurable, and sustainable ways. Let's start hacking!

Marina Specht: director at MRM Worldwide EMEA and CEO of MRM Spain. Specht is a journalist and expert in digital marketing, CRM, social networks, branded content and interactive communication. Her presentation will highlight the value of integrated marketing in key areas as strategy, customer experience, management on the relationship with consumers or facing digital disruption through various practical case studies.

Guillaume Herbette: CEO of MSL Group will share his strategic vision, experience as a consultant and market knowledge to analyze how to become the leader of change for potential clients and for the public relations industry combining influence, brand management and business model.

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