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Reuters Events Mobility:Ridership Week, March 29 – April 2, 2021

Reuters Events - 22 January 2021

Reuters Events Mobility has launched Ridership Week (March 29-April 2, 2021), a week led by transport, city, state, and global leadership dedicated to a sustainable and equitable ridership and mobility future.


Over a week of exclusive interviews, interactive briefings and webinars, and by-invitation only workshops, Ridership Week will dominate headlines, set benchmarks, and outline industry-changing strategies and partnerships.

Global leaders - from policy makers to corporate executives, to technology leaders and investors -- are all converging in search of sustainable opportunities to forge the future.

Key themes:

  • The Future of Ridership: Examining ridership curves, predictions and mid to long-term policy planning
  • Interoperable Mobility: Strategic partnerships to create sustainable and equitable mobility solutions.
  • Sustainable Financing: Public/private funding strategies for fiscally resilient mobility
  • Restructuring Public Transit: Physical and digital infrastructural strategies to adjust to evolving ridership behaviours.

Luke James, Head of Mobility at Reuters Events, said “Ridership is the lifeblood of mobility, which lies at the epicentre of economies, governance, and the smart cities of the future. Mobility transformation is critical to every city and nation as they grapple with effects of massive health, social and technological challenges.

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Ridership Week is the opportunity for the leading and forward-thinking transport authorities, regions and nations to set their agenda and partnership strategies for a resilient, equitable and sustainable mobility future.”

Ridership Week connects the leading national, state and city officials with the C-Suite in transit and mobility from largest technology, infrastructure, OEM, and mobility companies on the planet.

Join us to identify the business models, revenue strategies, infrastructural requirements and public/private partnerships that reduce emissions, finance and enable the safe and equitable movement of people, goods and services.

For more information contact:

Luke Jame
Head of Mobility
Reuters Events

Visit the Reuters Events to learn more about Ridership Week.

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