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Profiled from February 2009

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26 February 2009

RareShare - David M. Isserman

RareShare - David M. IssermanRareShare - ProfiledAn interview with RareShare's Founder, David M. IssermanSocial Media Portal (SMP): What made you start RareShare?David M. Isserman (DMI): I was originally inspired to create RareShare through my work in the biotech industry, specifically with a rare disease called Adrenomyeloneuropathy. Through this work, I realized that ther...

25 February 2009 - Max Jennings - Max - ProfiledAn interview with, co-founder, Max JenningsSocial Media Portal (SMP): What made you start Jennings (MJ): Primarily, we saw the offering within the local space very limited, both for consumers looking for local businesses and services and for businesses looking to advertise and connect...

23 February 2009

Spotted by Locals - Bart van Poll

Spotted by Locals - Bart van PollSpotted by Locals ProfiledAn interview with Spotted by Locals' co-founder, Bart van PollSMP: What made you start Spotted by Locals?BvP: A city trip in Brussels in early 2007. We had been to Brussels a couple of times before, and did not like the recommendations by our guidebook. This time we decided to rely solely on tips from local Brussels inh...