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Social Media Portal interview with Chris Dane from AlwaysOnMessage

Tim Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 17 June 2012

Social Media Portal interview with Chris Dane from AlwaysOnMessage

Social Media Portal (SMP) profiled interview with Chris Dane, head of mobile product at AlwaysOnMessage

AlwaysOnMessage logoSocial Media Portal (SMP): What is your name and what do you do there at AlwaysOnMessage?

CD: Chris Dane, Head of Mobile Product, AlwaysOnMessage

SMP: Briefly, tell us about AlwaysOnMessage, what is it and what does it do?

CD: I would describe AlwaysOnMessage as a mobile studio that understands that technology alone is not enough. Technical excellence is of course crucial, but so is defining and designing a great mobile product that both serves a business purpose and creates a meaningful experience for users. In my view, mixing the art and science of app creation is what we’re about.

SMP: Can you tell us what event you presented at?

Photograph of Chris Dane head of mobile product at mobile agency AlwaysOnMessageCD: I chaired two sessions at the Connected Summit, which took place at The King’s Fund in London. The morning session saw presentations from Lee Booth from yuuzoo, and Peter McCormack from Bantr. The afternoon session saw presentations from Oisin Lunny from OpenMarket, and Rory Musker and Kevin Bryan, both from Wrist Marketing.

Topics covered included using mobile as a marketing channel for live events, using mTicketing and mPayments as marketing tools, using connected technology to enhance consumer experiences and
delivering media, content and services cross platform.

AlwaysOnMessage has also chaired and presented at a number of key industry events this year including Planet of the Apps Arabia, Social Media World Forum as well as attending Mobile World Congress and Heritage Sandbox.

SMP: What was the most interesting session you saw?

Peter McCormack’s session on his football social network Bantr was interesting, not least because of his company’s focus on voting and stats, as opposed to long and often tiresome social comments threads. The session on mobile ticketing and payments was also an interesting glimpse into the future.

SMP: What do you feel the next big step for social media / networks are and what may be the impact upon mobile?

CD: There’s a lot of pressure on social networks to increase profits, so it will be interesting to see how they plan to make money via mobile; and of course, how their customers react to such monetisation strategies.

SMP: What makes a great mobile app?

CD: An app that provides a meaningful experience for its users, and finds the right balance between simplicity and essential complexity.

SMP: What are your top predictions for mobile throughout 2012 and heading into 2013?

CD replies with:

  • The next iPhone will help to increase consumer interest in mobile payments.
  • More ’2nd screen’ mobile apps will emerge that further connect mobile, TV and social.
  • Innovative software developers will blow our minds with amazing new tablet apps that set new standards for user experience design.

SMP: What are your top mobile tips?

CD replies with: When designing a mobile product:

  • Look for ‘meaning’ - the significant, tangible value that the experience creates for you and your audiences.
  • Look for ‘mobile’ - the distinct benefits that the mobile device and the mobile context adds to the experience.
  • Look for ‘wow’ - the immersive user experience that leaves a positive and lasting impression on people.
  • Look for chances to simplify by hitting your mobile product with the ‘simple stick’.
  • But don’t simplify too much - simplify, but only until you reach the ‘minimum level of complexity’.

SMP: Best way to contact you and AlwaysOnMessage?

Twitter: @AlwaysOnMessage
LinkedIn: AlwaysOnMessage

SMP: What did you have for breakfast / lunch?

CD: Coffee.

SMP: When and where did you go on your last holiday?

CD: Spain, Summer 2011, to visit my Mum.

SMP: What’s the first thing you do when you get into the office of a morning?

CD: Drink coffee and read the tech news.

SMP: If you had a superpower what would it be and why?

CD: The ability to eat cheese without consequence. Because I like cheese.

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