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Carly Lake from Ernest Hunter Green on recruitment in Fintech

Agnieszka Gibbon (Social Media Portal (SMP)) - 24 July 2017

How financial technology specialists can stand out in the Fintech job market with recruiter Carly Lake from Ernest Hunter Green

Ernest Hunter Green logo 150x150Social Media Portal (SMP) What is your name and what do you do there for Ernest Hunter Green?  

Carly Lake (CL):
Hi I?m Carly Lake, head of marketing recruitment Fintech at Ernest Hunter Green.  I specialise in mid to senior level marketing recruitment specifically within the Fintech space.    

SMP: Briefly, tell us about Ernest Hunter Green

CL: We find great jobs for talented marketing, sales, digital and finance people. We talk, we listen, we challenge, we advise, we congratulate (and sometimes commiserate) and most importantly we develop meaningful and long-term relationships. We are all experienced consultants in our individual markets and we cover mid-to-senior level positions across the UK and internationally, with clients ranging from fast-growing SMEs to blue chip and FTSE100 businesses. We love what we do, and we are very good at it.

SMP: Who are your target audience and why?

CL: I work with a variety of ?Fintech? companies, from start-ups to ?The Fintech 50?.  Covering B2B and B2C marketers with either a technology or financial services background looking to break into the Fintech space.  I also work closely with candidates and clients who have seen Fintech grow from an emerging sector to one of the largest in the world.  

SMP: Briefly, what does your job entail and what does a typical day look like

SMP: I find great jobs for talented marketers within the Fintech space.  No two days are the same for me and could vary from being based in my home office speaking to candidates and clients about open opportunities.  Attending Fintech events, usually incognito as I don?t want anyone realising I am a ?recruiter?.  My main objective from these events is to increase my knowledge on the market.  Or being in London meeting candidates for coffees so that we can catch up about their job search or how their new job is going.  I love the variety my role brings and all the different people I?ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Ernest Hunter Green and Carly Lake image

SMP: What makes it a great job?

CL: The people! I am lucky to talk to specialists every day about exciting brands in the Fintech market. What makes it even better is the consultants I work with - We are all experienced, like minded individuals who work by our values Even our company name depicts who we are and links to our values and I like that! It means that everyone is on the same page, we all care about what we do and our reputations in our individual markets:

SMP: What are the challenges that you?ve encountered and how are you overcoming them in what you have been doing so far at Ernest Hunter Green?

CL: The recruitment sector is overcrowded and riddled with mediocrity. In the midst of this chaos our biggest challenge is to cut through the noise and have meaningful conversations with clients around the importance of working in partnership and being seen as trusted advisors, not off-the-shelf suppliers. One way we promote this message is by writing regular blogs, aimed at clients and candidates alike, discussing recruitment best practices and how build an effective relationship with a recruitment agency. You can see an example at LinkedIn and subject matter regarding Hootsuite.

Ernest Hunter Green homepage image

SMP: What are the high moments of what you have been doing so far?  

CL: Although I have worked in recruitment quite some time now I still get a buzz from finding someone the perfect job for them.  We all spend more time at work than we do at home and I am completely aware of the impact I can have on people?s lives.

SMP: Why is the Fintech a good space to get in to?

CL: A number of factors prompted ?Fintech? to be born, including the 2007 financial crisis and even the rise of social media meaning the consumer could readily complain to anyone who would read their post.  The big four high street banks were no longer untouchable and smaller more technically focused companies started to emerge and create solutions for a variety of different consumer issues.  Fintech is as ?disruptive? as they come and with over $16.6 billion global investment in 2015 alone the space is only going to grow.  There is immense opportunity for candidates from different sectors such as IT, technology and finance to move into Fintech and really make a difference.  

SMP: What do you think is going to be the most interesting aspect regarding Fintech for the next 12 to 18-months and why?

CL: With any growing sector, especially one so talked about as ?Fintech? we will continue to see a huge amount of investment and growth within the sector.  This will give added pressure to outdated financial organisations and take up to $5billion worth of revenue away from the financial services.  I will be interested to see how these traditional companies react to the change in the market and how consumer expectations change.

SMP: What are your top five predictions for Fintech for the next 12 to 18-months and why?

CL replies with:
  • We will see an increase in mergers and acquisitions where smaller companies need the injection of funds or experience from more established Fintechs.

  • There will be a big shift to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) with even traditional financial services investing into AI. 

  • More Fintech and Financial services companies will start competing less and coming together.  Fintechs knowing they need the backing of corporate companies and financial services realising the innovation from Fintech start-ups are vital.

  • A growth in start-ups with a B2B model creating platforms for financial institutions.

  • The top three Fintech hotspots are London, New York and Singapore however I feel we could see a massive focus on Fintech start-ups in Sydney over the next 12-18 months as they continue to invest in the market.

SMP: What are your top overall five tips for Fintech specialists to stay current in the job market and why?

CL replies with:

  • Get out there and understand your competition ? attend Fintech specific events as well as more generalist technology forums.

  • When looking for your next role assess who is currently at that company, who can you learn from?  Whatever your position I am adamant that you can always grow, with some great minds in the industry you could learn from those around you.

  • Network, we have bred a generation of people more comfortable behind a computer screen or smart phone than face to face interaction but the best way to understand our sector is to speak to people.

  • Fintech is a large complex sector which is continuing to grow so map out your competition and see what you are up against.

  • Identify specialist recruiters within the sector, we know more than you would believe about the companies within our specialism and can offer some great insight.
Ernest Hunter Green about company image
SMP: Is there anything else we should know, or is there anything that you?d like to share?

CL: We like to play a supportive role when it comes to recruitment. It is important to us that our candidates make the right career choices and our clients secure the best people to help their business grow. I feel lucky that I have found a business that genuinely listens, consults and that isn?t afraid to challenge where necessary.

SMP: Best way to contact you and Ernest Hunter Green?

CL: You can call me directly on +44(0) 7377556435 my email, or our website, our blog, LinkedIn and Twitter @EHGrecruitment.

Now some questions for fun

SMP: What did you have for breakfast / lunch?

CL: Overnight oats made with natural yoghurt and raspberries.  I have never been able to stand porridge but this is an amazing in between.   

SMP: What?s the last good thing that you did for someone?

CL: I have two children so I am always doing good things for them.  In all seriousness, my grandma recently had a fall so I popped around with her favourite snacks and a chat to cheer her up.

SMP: If you weren?t working at Ernest Hunter Green what would you be doing?

CL: Travelling, I love experiencing different cultures and countries.  

SMP: When / where did you go on your last holiday and why?

CL: I took my family to Kos, Greece a few weeks ago.  I had a rare opportunity to take some uninterrupted time off and really needed some sun.  

SMP: What?s the first thing you do when you get into the office of a morning?

Ernest Hunter Green are unlike many other consultancies so my office is actually in my home.  The first thing I do is pop on the kettle, I can?t function without a cup of tea!

SMP: If you had a superpower what would it be and why?

CL: The ability to stop time, just for that extra hour in bed or to pop to the gym.

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