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4.5 million young Britsí futures could be compromised by their electronic footprint

eGov (Information Commissionerís Office) - 26 November 2007

Survey reveals extent of online content that could damage the prospects of young people and leave many more vulnerable to identity fraud.  

As many as four and a half million* young people (71%) would not want a college, university or potential employer to conduct an internet search on them unless they could first remove content from social networking sites, according to new research by the Information Commissionerís Office (ICO). But almost six in 10 have never considered that what they put online now might be permanent and could be accessed years into the future.

The research findings are unveiled as the ICO launches a new website at to help young people understand their information rights. The first section contains tips and advice on safe social networking.

Read full report on eGov website

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