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All-Over-IP Expo 2013

All-Over-IP Expo 20136th Annual International All-Over-IP Expo 2013Dates: 20-21 November 2013Location: Exhibition and Convention Centre Sokolniki, pavilion 4, 07113, Moscow, Sokolnichesky val, estate 1, building 1The 6th Annual International All-Over-IP Expo 2013 is R...


All-over-IP Expo 2016

All-over-IP Expo 2016All-over-IP ExpoDate: 2324 November 2016Location: Sokolniki Expo, 5-iy Luchevoy Prosek, Moscow 107014, RussiaFounded in 2008, All-over-IP is a networking platform for global IT, surveillance and security vendors, key local customers and sales par...