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LiMo Developer Connection

LiMo Developer ConnectionYour online resource for LiMo-related documentation, information and other developer resources from LiMo Foundation and its members.


LiMO Foundation

LiMO FoundationLiMo Foundation is an industry consortium dedicated to creating the first truly open, hardware-independent, Linux-based operating system for mobile devices. Backing from major industry leaders puts LiMo at the Heart of the Mobile Industry an...


LiMo Foundation Blog

LiMo Foundation BlogThe LiMo blog will include a rich assortment of entries reflecting perspectives that span market segments, geographies, and job responsibilities.  Our mission is to engage in direct conversation with a variety of stakeholders and though...


LiMo Open Source website

LiMo Open Source websiteLiMo is very supportive of the open source community and marketplace and is committed to advancing the rich tradition and history of innovation that has emerged from Open Source communities.While LiMo Foundation is an independent, non-profit...

Social Media Portal interview with Gyanee Dewnarain at the LiMo Foundation

Social Media Portal interview with Gyanee Dewnarain at the LiMo FoundationProfiled - The LiMo Foundation - A not-for-profit mobile industry consortiumAn interview with Gyanee Dewnarain, Senior Marketing Manager at not-for-profit mobile industry consortium the LiMo Foundation on building a Linux based operating system fo...